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February 2, 2020 A.D.

For Our Lady’s message of February, 2, 2020 in other languages, visit here.

Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje's February 2, 2020 Message Given on the Day for Non-Believers Through Mirjana

“Dear children, by the act of the decision and love of God, I am chosen to be the Mother of God and your mother. But also by my will and my immeasurable love for the Heavenly Father and my complete trust in Him, my body was the chalice of the God-man. I was in the service of truth, love and salvation, as I am now among you to call you, my children, apostles of my love, to be carriers of truth; to call you to spread His words, the words of salvation, by your will and love for my Son: that with your actions you may show, to all those who have not come to know my Son, His love. You will find strength in the Eucharist—my Son who feeds you with His Body and strengthens you with His Blood. My children, fold your hands and look at the Cross in silence. In this way, you are drawing faith to be able to transmit it; you are drawing truth to be able to discern; you are drawing love that you may know to love truly. My children, apostles of my love, fold your hands, look at the Cross. Only in the Cross is salvation. Thank you.”


By a Friend of Medjugorje

A priest once told me in Rome, when I asked him, how he reads the Bible. He said that he picks one sentence and spends a whole month praying on it, focusing on each individual word in the sentence and putting it back together. Today, Our Lady tells us that She is among us to call us to spread God’s Word. Our Lady conveys, “my message,” meaning “the words I give you,” (Our Lady) are His words. Our Lady said:

July 25, 1985

“…everything that God tells me to convey to you…”

Therefore, as this priest said to me, I write to you. Breakdown the above message and spend the whole month on this monthly message, preparing you for Lent, which begins February 26, 2020. Enter into all the variations of the message. With Our Lady’s Motherly spirit and Jesus’ Divine Spirit, in this way with an open heart, you will have what Our Lady and Her Son wish to convey to you. For greater grace, look at the Cross in silence, in meditation.

1. by the act
2. of the
3. decision of God
4. and love of God
5. I am chosen
6. to be
7. the
8. Mother of God
9. and your Mother
10. But also
11. by my will
12. and my immeasurable Love
13. for the Heavenly Father
14. and my complete trust in Him
15. my body
16. was
17. ‘the’ Chalice
18. of the God-man
19. I was
20. in the service
21. of truth
22. love
23. and salvation
24. as I
25. am now
26. among you
27. to call
28. you
29. my children
30. apostles of my love
31. to be
32. carriers
33. of truth
34. to call you
35. to spread
36. His Words
37. the words of salvation
38. by your will
39. and your love
40. for My Son
41. that
42. with ‘your’
43. action’s’
44. you
45. may show
46. to all those
47. who have not come
48. to know
49. my Son
50. His Love
51. you will
52. find strength
53. in the Eucharist
54. My Son
55. who feeds
56. you
57. with
58. His Body
59. strengthens you
60. with
61. His Blood
62. My
63. children
64. fold
65. your
66. hands
67. and look
68. at the Cross
69. in silence
70. in this way
71. you are drawing
72. faith
73. to be able to
74. transmit it
75. you are drawing
76. truth
77. to be able to
78. discern
79. you are drawing
80. love
81. that you may know
82. to Love truly
83. My children
84. apostles
85. of my love
86. fold
87. your hands
88. look
89. at the Cross
90. only
91. ‘in’
92. the Cross
93. is
94. salvation
95. thank
96. you

Decision of God

Our Lady is coming to show us the way back to God. The world is lost. There is proven history that if man passes a certain line, God must and will bring about a correction of man’s path. Our Lady said on January 25, 2009:

“…you are on the wrong path…”

Man has taken the wrong path. The only way to get back on God’s path is purification. Today’s message contains many words that were broken down for you to look at. But, of great significance and consequence, is number one and two:

A. By the act

B. Decision of God

Why these two? It contains a mystery that is discovered in the dictionary:

Looking up Letter A phrase:

By the act, it states:

The ACT of deciding as a question or doubt, by making a judgment

Looking up the Letter B phrase:

Decision of God, it states:

Determination; Final Judgment

Whether we accept this decision of God and judgment, doubt it, or question it changes nothing. We are, through the “Love of God” to receive, because of sin, an ordained correction, which now He sends down daily for the purpose to change souls, that will be so powerful as to change the whole world and bring it back to God.

We are in a time of Decision of God’s Action.
Our Lady is here for the grace period.
A Friend of Medjugorje

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