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For Immediate Release
Updated 6:05 PM Central Time USA
Originally Published April 15, 2019 A.D. - 2:21 PM

Shocking pictures are surfacing of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris that is engulfed in flames. This is an event that is taking place as you read this. The large spire just collapsed.

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in Flames April 15, 2019

Contained within this very holy Cathedral is the Crown of Thorns our Lord wore in His passion. It is not just a small relic, but the Crown almost in its entirety. We are asking everyone to take a moment and pray that this relic is not lost but can be saved. Our Lady has warned us that satan is out to destroy everything that leads us to holiness:

September 25, 1992

“…satan wishes to destroy everything which I and my Son, Jesus, are building up. In a special way he [satan] wishes to destroy your souls. He wishes to guide you as far away as possible from Christian life as well as from the Commandments, to which the Church is calling you so you may live them. satan wishes to destroy everything which is holy in you and around you…”

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in Flames April 15, 2019

A Friend of Medjugorje has visited Notre Dame Cathedral, named for Our Lady, many times in conjunction with his pilgrimages to Medjugorje and when in Paris to speak about Medjugorje. It is a grief to watch it burning.  A Friend of Medjugorje's first reaction to the news was to say:

“This is an omen.  For this Cathedral  to be burning down, just as we begin Holy Week, and it is the Church where Jesus' Crown of Thorns has been housed within it for the past several hundred years, God is speaking through this event.”

Our Lady said in 1983:

“Take me seriously. When God comes among men, he does not come to joke but to say serious things.”


Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in Flames April 15, 2019

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in Flames April 15, 2019

For this attack to be made upon the Cathedral named for Our Lady and in which Her Son has been worshipped for centuries, must wound Our Lady’s Heart in a particular way. But what fills Her Heart with the deepest pain is seeing those who are rejecting Her Son as She expressed in Her message of May 2, 2009:

May 2, 2009

“…You are rejecting me. You are permitting sin to overcome you more and more… My poor children, look around you and look at the signs of the times. Do you think that you can do without God’s blessing?…”

Let us lift up our hearts in prayer that souls around the world seeing Notre Dame in flames be moved in their spirits to repent of their sins and return to God.  We pray God’s mercy particularly upon France.
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