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Updated June 8, 2021
For Immediate Release
May 28, 2021 A.D.

A Friend of Medjugorje Presents: Medjugorje, Countdown to the 40th Anniversary

A Friend of Medjugorje invites you to a place of conversion.

Come to a place where you can join in union with other Medjugorje believers.

Fraternalize with people who share the same love for Our Lady.

If you can’t go to Medjugorje this year for this Biblical 40th anniversary, come to the only other geographical location that Our Lady of Medjugorje, the Queen of Peace and the Woman of Revelation, established as a PLACE of Her apparitions: Caritas of Birmingham in Alabama.

Thursday June 24 – Friday June 25
There will a guided pilgrimage going on at Caritas during these days,
but all pilgrims are welcome to come and pray, even if you are not part of the guided pilgrimage.

Daily Schedule

5:00 AM Morning Prayer: Silent prayer in the Field. Bring blankets to sit on. Please remember to be quiet and turn off ¬flashlights as you arrive at the statue so as not to disturb others in prayer.

8:00 AM Morning Prayer: In front of The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, special announcements will be made at this time.

10:45 AM Rosary in the Field: Two mysteries prayed each day as well as the Consecration to the Two Hearts.

3:00 PM Chaplet of Divine of Mercy: Wherever you may be on the grounds.

Special Spiritual Opportunities

Pray in the Bedroom of Apparitions.

Pray in the Field of Apparitions.

Climb up to the Cross for the Soul of America.

Climb to Grotto la Pluie.

Join a behind-the-scenes walk thorugh the mission of Caritas of Birmingham and the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages.

A Friend of Medjugorje will also be speaking, sharing his insights into the special time we are entering into through the 40th Anniversary of Our Lady’s Apparitions in Medjugorje.

For times for these events, announcements and daily schedule will be made at 8:00 AM prayer and after the Rosary in the Field.

Have a candle lit in the Field of Apparitions or a rose placed in the Bedroom of Apparitions

Send your prayer petitions.
(Your petitions will be placed in the Bedroom and Field of Apparitions)

More Resources to “Get Ready” for the 40th Anniversary

(May 25, 2021) Radio Wave – Given a New Life
(May 27, 2021) Mejanomics – Too Complex to Fix
Selected Reading – Never in History, by a Friend of Medjugorje


Please be advised of the guidelines to visit Caritas.

1. No Immodest Dress
2. No Cell Phones
3. No Video Cameras
4. No Gum Chewing
5. No Smoking
6. No Lounge Chairs/Other Chairs
7. No Pets

Guidelines to be Allowed on the Grounds

♥ The following modesty rules will be strictly adhered to on the Caritas grounds, including parking areas. All violators will be turned away.

• No sleeveless or low-cut dresses.
• No sleeveless or low-cut shirts, blouses, or sweaters.
• Dresses and skirts must be below the knee.
• Only knee-length shorts will be allowed for both men and women. Capris may be worn.
• No gym shorts or other short clothing. No mid-drifts or clothing that exposes the back or stomach.
• No see-through clothing or clothing that has inappropriate writing or pictures on it.
• Casual dress, jeans, etc., is OK

We are speaking about modest dress. Please remember that you will not be going to the beach or out sunning. Dress appropriately for the day in preparation to go before the Holy Event of Our Lady’s apparition and other prayer times.

Please save yourself the embarrassment of being turned away from the grounds of Caritas because of dress. It is important to inform all.

♥ No video cameras and absolutely no cell phone cameras are allowed. Violations will result in confiscation.

You are on the grounds by invitation. Please remember, do not violate other pilgrims and the spirit of what is happening here. This is a serious violation of the spirit and reverence of the event and the grounds here.

Photos, not videos, and not cell phone cameras, will be allowed on the grounds. However, no cameras will be allowed during prayer times. Please remember this is allowed for your own personal mementos of the pilgrimage. Be discreet and respectful to others, when taking pictures, so as not to disrupt prayers.

♥ No lounge chairs, three-legged portable chairs, or similar chairs allowed in the Field. Bring blankets to sit on the ground.

If one must sit, wheelchairs, electric motor chairs or wheel-chair walkers are to be used. It is your responsibility to make provisions for wheelchairs.

These days at Caritas are days of offering sacrifice, self-denial, and spiritual growth for your soul, not your flesh. As many have testified from their past experiences of the Bedroom, Field, Grotto, and other sites at Caritas, they relay that they were some of the most spiritual, moving, holiest moments they have ever experienced. Cameras, cell phones, etc., are all a distraction which inhibits the grace; the convenience of lounge chairs, etc., blocks sacrifices, which results in a loss of grace one could have received.

♥ Our Lady answers any objections to these rules, to be allowed on the Caritas grounds, by appearing on a rock-strewn mountain in Medjugorje which is difficult to walk up, much less sit down comfortably once you are at the apparition site. For a peace-filled two days, please be reminded that Caritas has these guidelines for your benefit. The world may allow these things, but you are entering a world and a life, here at Caritas, created by Our Lady and Her messages.

♥ Prayer is spontaneous and often throughout the day. Gum chewing is extremely irreverent during prayer or in the midst of others who are praying. Gum chewing is not allowed on the grounds. If you see someone doing it, please inform them.

♥ Parking - As in the years past, parking will be on the sides of the road, off the white line. Parking on the road must be off the white line or police will tow your car away. For safety of pedestrians, there is no parking on the road in front of the Field.

♥ Food Truck—For the convenience of our pilgrims, we have arranged a Food Truck to be available ONLY on Friday, June 25, 2021, from 12:00 Noon until 3:00 PM that will be located near The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages for the convenience of our pilgrims. This is not mandatory. You are also welcomed to bring your own food and picnic on the Caritas grounds.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you plan on using the Food Truck, we strongly request you call us at Caritas to let us know how many in your group will be eating so we can give an accurate number so the vendor can plan for the amount of food they will need to provide.

♥ Priests - Invite your parish priest. There will be a need to hear Confessions in the Field throughout the event. If you are a priest, we make a special invitation for you to come. The event promises a great grace for priests who come and hear Confessions. Priests experience conversion just as you will.

Location and Travel Information

Caritas of Birmingham is approximately 20 miles southeast of Birmingham, Alabama on Highway 280. 

Travel Times within the United States of America


To Birmingham From Mileage Approximate Travel Time (Driving) Approximate Flight Time
Atlanta, GA 147 miles 2 hr 40 min 45 min
Chattanooga, TN 146 miles 2 hr 10 min 2 hr 30 min
Chicago, IL 663 miles 10 hr 1 hr 35 min
Cincinnati, OH 464 miles 7 hr 3 hr
Columbus, GA 144 miles 2 hr 40 min 2 hr 30 min
Dallas, TX 638 miles 9 hr 30 min 1 hr 40 min
Denver, CO 1,284 miles 19 hr 2 hr 50 min
Evansville, IN 345 miles 5 hr 20 min 2 hr 45 min
Houston, TX 668 miles 10 hr 1 hr 35 min
Jackson, MS 237 miles 3 hr 40 min 2 hr 50 min
Jacksonville, FL 491 miles 7 hr 10 min 2 hr 40 min
Knoxville, TN 257 miles 3 hr 50 min 2 hr 40 min
Louisville, KY 367 miles 5 hr 30 min 3 hr
Memphis, TN 240 miles 3 hr 40 min 2 hr 45 min
Nashville, TN 193 miles 3 hr 50 min 2 hr 35 min
New Orleans, LA 344 miles 5 hr 10 min 1 hr
New York, NY 963 miles 14 hr 30 min 2 hr 40 min
Phoenix, AZ 1,702 miles 24 hr 4 hr 30 min
Portland, OR 2,544 miles 37 hr 6 hr 40 min
Savannah, GA 395 miles 5 hr 50 min 2 hr 50 min
Shreveport, LA 452 miles 6 hr 40 min 3 hr 30 min
Tallahassee, FL 303 miles 5 hr 2 hr 35 min
Tupelo, MS 134 miles 2 hr 2 hr 50 min
Miami, FL 800 miles 12 hr 2 hr
Orlando, FL 580 miles 8 hr 30 min 1 hr 30 min
Mobile, AL 260 miles 3 hr 50 min 2 hr
Charleston, SC 450 miles 6 hr 50 min 2 hr 40 min
Myrtle Beach, SC 510 miles  7 hr 50 min 2 hr 50 min
Charlotte, NC 390 miles  5 hr 50 min 1 hr 30 min
Columbus, OH 570 miles 8 hr 30 min 3 hr 10 min
Washington, D.C. 750 miles 12 hr 10 min 2 hr
Roanoke, VA 515 miles 7 hr 45 min 3 hr
Pittsburgh, PA 750 miles 11 hr 30 min 3 hr 25 min
Philadelphia, PA 880 miles 13 hr 50 min 2 hr 15 min
Buffalo, NY 890 miles 13 hr 30 min 3 hr 35 min
Detroit, MI 725 miles 10 hr 45 min 2 hr
Milwaukee, WI 760 miles 11 hr 50 min 3 hr 45 min
St. Louis, MO 500 miles 7 hr 20 min 3 hr 15 min
Little Rock, AR 375 miles 5 hr 40 min 3 hr 10 min
Des Moines, IA 845 miles 12 hr 45 min 4 hr 15 min
Minneapolis, MN 1,076 miles 15 hr 40 min 4 hr 10 min
Bismarck, ND 1,500 miles 21 hr 30 min 5 hr 30 min
Rapid City, SD 1,450 miles 20 hr 40 min 5 hr
Lincoln, NE 940 miles 14 hr 4 hr 40 min
Wichita, KS 815 miles 12 hr 3 hr 55 min
Oklahoma City, OK 700 miles 10 hr 30 min 3 hr 30 min
Albuquerque, NM 1,245 miles 18 hr 10 min 4 hr 20 min
Cheyenne, WY 1,380 miles 20 hr 15 miles 5 hr 45 min
Helena, MT 2,000 miles 29 hr 6 hr 20 min
Seattle, WA 2,580 miles 38 hr 6 hr 45 min
Boise, ID 2,100 miles 31 hr  5 hr 45 min
Las Vegas, NV 1,815 miles 26 hr 3 hr 50 min
Phoenix, AZ 1,700 miles 24 hr 4 hr 50 min
Los Angeles, CA 2,030 miles 29 hr 5 hr 50 min
San Francisco, CA 2,330 miles 35 hr  6 hr 5 min
Salt Lake City, UT 1,820 miles 27 hr 5 hr 25 min
Anchorage, AK 4,237 miles 69 hr 9 hr 15 min
Honolulu, HI 4,402 miles - 10 hr 30 min

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