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December 30, 2011 A.D.

On a very cold evening, December 30, 2011, thousands gathered on top of Apparition Mountain for Our Lady’s apparition to Ivan. The following is the correct translation of Our Lady's message given, December 30, 2011 through Ivan, during the prayer group meeting. Ivan said:

Tonight Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy and at the beginning, as always, She greeted us all with Her Motherly greeting: “Praised be Jesus, my dear children.” After this Our Lady said:

“Dear children, also today, the Mother calls you with joy, be my carriers of my messages in this tired world. Live my messages. Accept my messages with responsibility. Dear children, pray together with me for my plans which I desire to realize. Especially today I call you to pray for unity, for unity of my Church, of my priests. Dear children, pray, pray, pray. The Mother prays with you and intercedes for all of you before Her Son. Thank you, dear children, also today for having accepted me, for having accepted my messages and for living my messages.”

Afterwards Our Lady, for two times, prayed over all of us. Ivan recommended all those present to Our Lady, especially the sick and told us that She blessed all those present. Ivan said that Our Lady left in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, as always, saying: “Go in peace, my dear children.”


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