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February 2, 2012 A.D. 10:15 A.M. Central Time USA

February 2, 2012 Message Not Released
Don’t Blame Us

We realize thousands of you have come to, as well as phoned us, for Mirjana’s message for the 2nd of the month and are upset that you have not received it, even though it was released shortly after Mirjana’s apparition. Those of you who know the message has already been released, we understand your anger, but don’t blame us. After over 9 hours ago, the message still has not been released in English and other languages. This is inexcusable and shows a lack of comprehension and diligence, not only in hindering the spreading of the message in English, but the message goes from Croatian to English, then goes into several others languages around the world from the English translation. This is not the Croatian to English translator’s fault. They must have a hard copy of the message, and they are still waiting on it. When a message date approaches, Caritas has preplanned who will be involved and where they will be. On the 2nd of the month in Medjugorje, we are preparing all night. At Caritas in Alabama, we have 4-6 people up at 3:00 a.m., working to receive the message, the description and writing to get the message out immediately. When we are with Marija, no matter where in the world, plans have been made, even days in advance, to have the message immediately sent back to the parish office in 10-20 minutes, to give to the translators who are ready to go to work immediately, and from there a network of communities, Medjugorje Centers and other media programming receive it, who spread it to the whole world. Mirjana is in Italy today. Those responsible after receiving the message first are irresponsible in grasping what this delay causes around the world. An unofficial Italian translation was the only thing released shortly after the apparition. There was a snow storm in Medjugorje, but this does not excuse the delay as contingent plans should always be in the works for whatever happens. The mail runs, despite snow or rain, and this message from Heaven is too important for this laze quasi approach to get it out. The efficient and quick release of the secrets should be put into practice ‘now’ each month, through the 2nd and the 25th messages. We do not want to go into the secrets with those who personally do not see the significance of their actions in what lateness and an attitude lacking in diligence can have on Our Lady’s network, that She Herself has built around the world to spread Her messages. The reason this is being written is because this is not the first time this has happened.

The Second of the Month message is now available, please visit here for the message, pictures and writing.

Paul Corneau
North Hampton, New Hampshire - USA
Our Lord is so merciful and and willing to instruct. It seems He created the perfect visual lesson for what Mary was speaking of, a breakdown in understanding of the urgency of Her request even within the ranks of those close to the organization. Be merciful to them. Without the mishap your letter would not have been written which illuminates Our Lady's message in every day terms.
Salmiya, Kuwait
Thank you for sharing Our Lady's messages to the world.
Vinsensius budi
Jakarta, Indonesia
Terima kasih untuk Caritas dan Friend of Medjugorje. Selama ini anda telah begitu setia dalam menyebarkan pesan-pesan Bunda Maria. Saya doakan Yesus dan Bunda Maria sendiri yang akan melimpahkan berkatnya bagi anda. Sekali lagi, terima kasih.
Kwi, Kuwait
Good Bless you all at Caritas, Mother Mary will help all the good work done to spread her message all around the world.
Cristina Sanchez
Quito, Ecuador
God Bless You for Your Kind Work.
Patsy mccann
Surrey, Canada
I find so much comfort in our Blessed Mothers message thank you so much for everything I pray that a lot more people will turn to Our Lord as the world is in a bad way
La Mesa, California - USA
I see your point about the secrets and how important it is to translate the message to us asap. Immediacy needs to be in action now.
Rita Childers
Klamath Falls, Oregon - USA
Paul Gauci
Gozo, Malta
All people of good will all over the world thank Caritas for letting us know the messages of our Lady as soon as possible. Thanks for the good work done in the past and hope to continue spreading the messages of the Madonna. Praised be God and Mary the Mother of Jesus. Paul.
Florence, Missouri - USA
Thank you Caritas for this article. I prayerfully wait in anticipation of each message that Our Lady gives to us. Knowing that these words are given to us in this special time of grace, I can hardly wait to read and prayerfully discern each word, each message that Our Mother, the Queen of Heaven and Earth gives to us. We should all be on the edge of our seats, waiting for these profound words spoken from the lips of the holiest woman in all of God's creation. I agree with you, that everything possible needs to be done and put into place before hand, so that something like this doesn't happen again. How many hearts could have already begun converting, that might have missed the opportunity to hear Our Lady's words during those nine hours of waiting to hear Our Lady's messages. Thank you, Caritas, for having the courage to say what needs to be said, regardless of the consequences. You are all in my prayers. God bless!
Jasper, Indiana - USA
I can't help but to think that the candle is almost burnt out with Mary coming to reveal her heavenly messages. We need to really listen to what she is saying during these times. Timeliness of the messages are VERY important. We never know when it may be too late!
Wigan, United Kingdom
Dont worry,you work hard, I have just read the message and have given it to many others, so thank you, we always have things trying to stop us, but we wont be stopped. Our Lady understands. keep on keeping on, I love your website, Thank you for all you do to get us the messages. xx
Fr Terry O'Connell
Limerick, Ireland
Thank-you for your explanation , how can we thank your community for doing so much to spread the messages' of the Gospa. I look forward to your e/mails' Monthly well done Caritas. All I can say and do for you is to pray and remember your Community in my prayers' Again a big Irish THANK_YOU
Rochester, New York, USA
Although I know that the message is always posted on the 2nd and the 25th, I usually open it as it comes in. With it being so very late, the only thing that comes to mind is thank goodness this was not a message concerning a secret!!! I know that Caritas is on their toes but what about everyone else? Thanks to all for your constant vigilance and dependability.
Los Angeles, USA
It struck me after the message finally did come in, that people may not have a problem with this message being late, but what if a reporter had the biggest news story of the day was 9 hours late getting it into the paper and didn't make it till the next day? He would be fired. And what about your morning paper, that you enjoy with your cup of coffee comes in the afternoon for the 3d or 4th time? Would you be upset? Or what if you sit down to watch a show and it says instead of 8 o'clock, its going to be 12 midnight. People will get angry about these things or upset. But what struck me was the message, because it's about Jesus, it becomes no big deal, we can wait. Is this what Our Lady means that "you're renouncing Jesus." We allow things that because it's Jesus, it's all of a sudden not as important as the movie or the morning paper. I do agree and I want to thank you for your work.
Memphis, Tennessee, Tennessee - USA
Lucia Vergara A.
Madison, Wi, USA
Thanks for let us know, don't worry, we know it is not your fault. Love and peace,
Dee kozlowski
Edgewood, Md, USA
I suspect that the evil one is interfering in some way, because the time is short and the messages are becoming more urgent. Let us all continue to pray from the heart as Our Lady urges us to do and be patient and trust in Jesus. At the same time we eagerly await the latest message with a mixture of excitement, trepidation and curiosity. Thank you for spreading the messages so well for such a long time. God bless you and your staff.
Niki Tsironis Conte
Toronto, Canada
I also Thank you for this explanation. I have learned to be patient and this patients tests us as human beings, how we act and react. Mother Mary messages tells us to pray. Lets all pray for a smooth and speedy recovery of Our Lady's Message today. Looking forward to it!. God Bless you, God Bless all of you, and Thank You for your faithful service you provide on a continual basis getting Our Lady's Messages across to Her Children around the world and for keeping us updated to all events and information. Love from my heart to You and Praise be Jesus, and I wish You all Our Lady's Love. Peace and Blessings.
Tommy worthy
Smiths Station, Alabama - USA
This situation can/should be corrected immediately. no one should be "indispensable", especially those who are hindering God's work. "Prune the vine" and keep the faith! Thomas F. Worthy, Esq.
Chennai, India
Yes, it is very important for me, for all the world, especially now. Hope to read the Message as soon as possible. Thanks for your dedicated service.
N/a, Pennsylvania - USA
Thank you for the explanation, I know that it is not your fault. I will pray that this gets resolved for now and the future!
Maria Curran
Blackpool, United Kingdom
Dear Friend of Medjugorie and Caritas This is the first time I have known Our Lady's message to be late going out to the world. I pray that the devil may not prevent Our Lady's important message from coming to her faithfull children throughout the world. God bless you all in your mission. Praised be Jesus. Maria
Thibodaux, La, USA
Yes, I am also one that awaits the message on the 2nd and 25th. I don't know all the workings but I have to agree it is very important to get it out as soon as possible where ever it may come from. This may be our pray-that Mother Mary will guide whomever is in charge so this will not happen again. Thank-you Toni
Lynchburg, USA
Thanks for the explanation....I, too, hope this problem is corrected...!
Wingate, Nc, USA
Thank you for this information. I have been waiting all morning for the message and am one of the people that called. I look forward every 2nd and 25th of the month to these messages from Heaven. Thank you for providing them to us. I know once you've got it you will share it. Thanks so much again.
North Brunswick, USA
I'm just grateful others share my frustration. The same thing happened to me in Medjugorje in December. I think it's important to note that sometimes that evils interfere with the spreading of the Medjugorje messages. The best answer is to pray for the grace that darkness no longer be permitted to interfer. I appreciate you guys at Caritas more than ever for your dedication and hardwork, I wish everyone had the same attitude.
Franklin, USA
At first I did not know what to think. Now after praying, I understand and agree with everything said here. It is true, we need this message.