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Special Edition
March 16, 2020 A.D.

Our Lady’s messages tell us something fundamental. They tell us of the purity of Our Lady and give us a recommendation for how to live.

The Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization and a host of other agencies and government have told us recently:

- Avoid shaking hands with people
- Do not touch your face with your hands
- Wash hands frequently with soap and water

In doing so, we can avoid the spread of coronavirus. This is wise, according to the methods of the world in which we live, and certainly good to take to heart.

Our Lady is the essence of purity. Wherever She goes, Our Lady spreads purity and cleanliness. Her hands are safe. Our Lady of Medjugorje said on October 2, 2014:

“You thirst for peace, love and happiness. Drink out of my hands. My hands are offering to you my Son who is the spring of clear water…”

If there are hands which can be trusted, it is Our Lady’s hands. Our Lady’s hands are so pure, that we can drink out of them. Our Lady said in the Field of Apparitions, through Marija, on July 3, 2009:

“…I need, dear children, everyone in this world to be my extended hands…”

We are to imitate Her hands, which are pure in every way, and be Her hands to the world around us. There is one way to start, a small spiritual/physical exercise. The Center for Disease Control has recommended that we wash our hands regularly, with soap and water. The water can be cold or hot, as long as it is clean. The recommended time for washing with soap is 20 seconds. We suggest instead of counting to 20, to pray one long Hail Mary. For the year 2020, do a 20-20. That’s a 20 second Hail Mary in place of a count to 20.

Years ago, we installed a piece of equipment. When someone was using it, you would have to wait for it while it ran. On the concrete where it was installed, we wrote the words:

“Why dost thy waste time waiting, when thou could be praying?”

Why dost thy waste time waiting, when thou could be praying? - a Friend of Medjugorje

“Why dost thy waste time waiting, when thou could be praying?” - a Friend of Medjugorje June 16, 1999

What effect would it have on the world if all of Our Lady’s children would use this opportunity to wash hands often, while praying one Hail Mary?

“Why dost thou waste time counting, with thou could be praying?”

We need in this time to increase cleanliness of the body, but much more so, the cleanliness of the soul. The world will only benefit from more Hail Mary’s. Spread this spiritual/physical exercise to everyone you know.

With Clean Hands,
A Friend of Medjugorje
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