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June 24, 2016 A.D.

Tonight Our Lady appeared to Ivan during his prayer group on top of Apparition Mountain. By the time Our Lady appeared to Ivan, the mountain was filled with thousands of pilgrims here in Medjugorje to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s apparitions. Our Lady appeared to Ivan at around 10:00 p.m. Our Lady appeared a long time. The apparition lasted 10 to 15 minutes. The following is Ivan’s description of tonight’s apparition.

“Also today Our Lady came to us very joyful and happy and at the beginning She greeted all of us with Her motherly greeting, ‘Praised be Jesus my dear children.’ Then, for a longer while, She prayed over all of us here, and then she prayed especially over the priests and the sick who are present here. Then Our Lady said:

“Dear children, I am coming to you and I desire to lead you. Out of love I desire to lead you to my Son. He is love. I pray for all of you, dear children, and I intercede before my Son. Therefore, persevere in prayer, dear children. Especially, pray for peace. Thank you, dear children, also today for having responded to my call.”


Then Our Lady blessed all of us with her motherly blessing, and she also blessed everything you brought to be blessed. I recommended all of you, all of your needs, your intentions, and your families. In a special way, I recommended all of you who are present and all those who in a special way recommended themselves to be prayed for. Our Lady continued to pray over all of us here for awhile and she left in that prayer, in an illuminated Sign of the Cross, with a greeting, “Go in peace my dear children.” This would be what was the most important from tonight’s meeting. You, yourselves know that tomorrow is the 25th, when Our Lady turns to us with Her message for everyone and for the entire world.

Medjugorje June 24, 2016

The sunset in Medjugorje, as seen from Apparition Mountain, June 24, 2016

How many times has the sun risen and set in the village of Medjugorje since the beginning of the apparitions? A simple calculation of 35 years times 365 days per year gives us the sum total of 12,775 sunsets. Pilgrims who journey to Medjugorje climb Apparition Mountain for visionary, Ivan’s prayer group and while waiting for Our Lady’s apparition, sit and silently watch the sun set, more often than not, in beautifully brilliant colors. Those who follow Medjugorje know that every detail of Our Lady’s appearances has been ordained by the Heavenly Father. There is purpose to every decision He has made as this mystical story unfolds. We have only to ask the right questions to be brought deeper into the mystery.

Why does God have pilgrims come at sunset to be with Our Lady?

Why is the geography of Medjugorje perfectly suited to see the sunset best when one is on top of Apparition Mountain?

What are we to ponder when we look out over the expanse of the valley, as night begins to fall, and see the village Our Lady Herself chose, of which She said:

March 21, 1985

“…Dear children, I love you and in a special way I have chosen this parish, one more dear to me than the others, in which I have gladly remained when the Almighty sent me…”

Did we think, as the sun was setting, how blessed we are to be living in a time when day after day, the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God leaves Heaven to be with us on earth? That every day is a gift of Her presence—but a gift that will one day end with a final sunset?

Did we think of our own lives, that we all will have one last sunset before our eternity begins and that every sunset before our last one is a reminder to be living each day in the will of God to merit Heaven?

Did we ponder what the whole rest of the world was doing, while we sang and prayed on this mountain awaiting the Queen of Heaven’s visitation? And why isn’t the whole world up here with us?

Did we think of how many sunsets had passed before we, ourselves, received the grace of conversion through Medjugorje? Did we pray that our loved ones would convert before the final sunset of Our Lady’s apparitions?

Do we think of the sunset as the end of a day? If we were Jewish, the sunset marks not the end, but rather the beginning of a new day. Our Lady grew up Jewish. What does She think when She comes at sunset? Is it an end or a new beginning?

In these days when we are celebrating the 35th anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions in Medjugorje, stop and ponder the sunsets and let Our Lady speak to you of the time of grace in which we are living. And thank Her for these many years in which She has tirelessly come to us to lead us back to Her Son, and the world back to peace.

Love, from Medjugorje
Friend of Medjugorje

Susan Fleming
Walla Walla, Washington - USA
What a beautiful photo of the sunset from Apparition Hill! It has a look of the world on fire. And maybe that is where we are today, a world on fire, in distress and in need of cleansing. Beautiful Mary, we need you so, and still so many are not listening and living your messages. Thank you Friend of Medjugorje, for your many years of bringing her messages to us and your enlightening words that help convert hearts. Mary God's Son be our hope and joy through Mary's messages to the world in such need to hear them.
Karla Gierer
Las Vegas Nevada , USA
Dear Blessed Mother I have know and read and followed your coming to Medjugory Since the beginning back in the 1980's. Back then I wished and would of loved if I could have been able to go and feel, see and experience how beautiful and heavily it must be to be in the presence of your holiness. However something always kept me from going mostly financially. To day is the same thing. I never have the money to do it or the opportunity because of my health or due to children in my life. However I always thought how wonderful it would be to someday experience it with someone that could also experience it and bring them closer to their beliefs. Dear Blessed Mother I always have and do belive. And I thank you for coming and giving us your messages and praying over all of our prayers and offerings. I feel like I am like St Thomas when Your Son Jesus said to him Blessed our the ones that can see and yet believe. Because St Thomas was there and yet always doubtful of Jesus. I am so blessed.
John Filiatrault
Hartselle, Al, USA
Thank you for continually bringing these messages and prayerful writings to us! Such a wonderful quiet and persistent desire to show us the Love of the Trinity and Mary Our Loving Mother!
Haywood, Tx, Texas - USA
Thank You, "A Friend of Medjugorje" for always enlighting us to Our Lady and the Beautiful Village of Medjugorje! I truly miss the Mountain and the Sunsets with Our Lady! I remember you saying not to waste one moment while we were there, because we may not get another chance! I pray for all those who have never experienced the Joy and Blessings of being in the presence of Our Lady! Pray until prayer becomes a Joy! Our Lady Loves us all and leads us to her Son, Jesus, if we let her. Thank you, Mary, Our Mother, for coming to us Daily for Thirty Five Years! Thank you for all the Blessings! We Love You!!!
Herndon, USA
Very powerful and thought-provoking, thank you for your insight. God bless.
Susan McGinnis
Hayden, Idaho - USA
Thank you Blessed Mother, for coming each day, all these 35 years! We love you! Please bless our world, our families, each of us, so we will be ready, when we are called Home! Thank you
Portsmouh, United Kingdom
I was in prayer with everyone on Podbrdo from my garden. Having been on Podbrdo during one of Ivan's extra-ordinary apparitions, I know what it feels like.....bliss, peace...Deo Gratias.
Boston, United Kingdom
Thank you Our Lady please sends us peace to all as we pray
Houston, Texas - USA
This message today, came right on time, because I am in need of hope and strenght to deal with whoever wants to take my peace away. I trust Our Beautiful Lady of Peace to walk through all this with me and my family. I look forward to look at the sunset that tells me, the burdens are coming to an end and the new beginning is just a sunset away.
Pamela Hoffman
Byron Center, Michigan - USA
Thank-you for bringing us The Prayers & messages from Our Lady; especially since so many of us cannot make the journey to Medjugorje. God Bless in prayers & peace, Pamela