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Updated Oct. 20, 2016 6:54 AM
October 19, 2016 A.D.


“…woe to us, woe to us who come here and are the strongest in understanding… that it’s not through the elections. Those things only work to our favor if we are right with God. If we are not right with God, they will not…”

A Friend of Medjugorje
Speaking from Independence Hall
Philadelphia, PA, October 15, 2016


When a Friend of Medjugorje felt the call to make this public gathering at Independence Hall, it was not a political maneuver. It did not come as a result of a proposal from any political party or candidate. It was not meant to be a soapbox to vent off political theory and maxims. Rather, it was the cry of a heart to God that this day, we will call upon Our Lady to obtain mercy for us, a mercy that we do not deserve from God because of our sins. Our Lady said on October 2, 2016:


“…my children, my apostles, in the silence of your heart, listen to the voice of my Son, so that your heart may be His home, that it may not be dark and sad, but that it may be illuminated with the light of my Son…”


Our Lady wants us to have light. She does not want our hearts dark and sad, but to be filled with the light of hope, a hope that if we repent, are sincere, and seek God’s face, He will work things to our favor, even if we have to pass through hard times. We continue with the special report of this historic event in Philadelphia.



Day 3 – Saturday, October 15, 2016 - 8:02 A.M.

Caritas’ tractor-trailer loaded with Medjugorje materials makes its presence known in front of the holy ground of Independence Hall. This sacred building is now dwarfed by modern buildings who seem built to diminish and erase the site, designed to be a sign of God’s intervention in the foundation of the United States of America.

community of caritas unloading truck

8:51 A.M.

The door to the “Ark of Medjugorje,” the “Mej Truck” opens and seeds of conversion for a “new time” on earth are brought forth by the hands of Caritas youth, eager to participate in spreading the materials. Standing ready, the three and four year-olds anxiously wait for a box light enough to carry.

medjugorje truck in philedelphia

10:54 A.M.

Between a horse drawn carriage (lower right) and historic buildings, the Mej Truck evangelizes the crowded streets of historic Philadelphia, attracting looks and pictures throughout the day. It is a beautiful billboard for Our Lady.

community of caritas at independence hall

Beginning the Patriotic Rosary - 11:58 A.M.

Twenty-three years after its birth, the prayers of the Patriotic Rosary resound, unabashedly proclaiming our nation’s hope is in God’s dominion over our land.

“In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit...O Come Holy Spirit…For the conversion of our nation’s capital…for the conversion of our country…”

community of caritas girls singing at independence hall

12:07 A.M.

The crystal clear voices of eight young Community girls ring through the morning air singing the hymns that are prayers for our nation. These girls have never watched TV, they do not have cell phones and are not distracted by the superficial things of the world. They practiced daily, singing every chance they could, to bring forth the heart of these songs for the conversion of those who would hear them. How long has it been since these hymns were sung by such pure voices in front of this sacred ground now polluted with iPods, cell phone conversations, horns, etc. Many walking by stopped to listen throughout the Rosary, placing their hand over their heart for the national anthem, while others continued on their way oblivious to honoring the nation.

pilgrims praying patriotic rosary at independence hall

12:20 P.M.

Together, from across the nation, united in prayer.


the national anthem at independence hall

12:24 P.M.

Passers-by of the Patriotic Rosary on the street, stopped to listen and upon hearing the National Anthem were moved to place their hands over their hearts. This witness for some may have been the first time they have thought of God and our nation at the same moment. What is our nation thirsting for?

the national anthem at independence hall

12:24 P.M.

the national anthem at independence hall

12:24 P.M.

the national anthem at independence hall

12:25 P.M.

Across the grass square encircling the gathering on either side were large banners with quotes from our nation’s founders


community of caritas at independence hall  
2:02 P.M.


pilgrims at independence hall

2:57 P.M.

The words spoken by a Friend of Medjugorje earlier awakened a hunger and a thirst in the hearts of young and old. Seeking love of God and thirsting to hear the truth about our nation people filled their bags with free materials.

pilgrims stock up on caritas material at independence hall

3:01 P.M.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church in philedelphia
Afterwards the Community of Caritas and others followed the footsteps of George Washington and the United States’ Continental Congress to give thanks at the foot of the altar of St. Mary’s Catholic Church. Outside the church is a sign that reads:

a small plaque outside of St. Mary’s Church in philedelphia

4:14 P.M.

When a Friend of Medjugorje wrote American History You Never Learned, there existed only a small plaque outside of St. Mary’s Church. Today, the large, descriptive plaque above has replaced the original one. This short book, American History You Never Learned, written by a Friend of Medjugorje, has caused more than 1 million people to popularize the historic church of St. Mary’s.


pilgrims and community outside St. Mary's Church in Philedelphia

5:22 P.M. - Gathered outside of Old St. Mary’s Church in Philadelphia


Special Notice: Those traveling through Philadelphia, or even within several hours driving distance, are encouraged to stop and pray the Patriotic Rosary at Independence Hall. It is important to be praying as much as possible during this time for our nation. The arrow on the map to the right, shows directly behind Independence Hall. There is a statue of Commodore Barry, the father of the U.S. Navy, who was a Catholic patriotic. This is the place where a Friend of Medjugorje spent many hours on his knees in prayer. People who have taken a Friend of Medjugorje’s advice in praying there have relayed to us that they felt a very powerful grace in doing so. 

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