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May 2, 2010 Message Medjugorje - Always More Than You Think Pictures from ApparitionPrayer for Nonbelievers Send Your Feedback

Anniversary - type crowds descended upon the village of Medjugorje for Mirjana’s apparition of Our Lady on May 2, 2010 at the Blue Cross. Large crowds came into the village on Friday and Saturday in anticipation of this Sunday apparition.

Many pilgrims spent the night in vigil on the mountain and by 4:00 a.m., much of the area around the Blue Cross was already backed up with pilgrims. As the morning progressed, the entire base of Apparition Mountain by the Blue Cross was packed. Rosaries filled the time awaiting the apparition.

Mirjana arrived about 8:30 a.m. and began praying. The apparition began at 8:46 a.m. Mirjana looked serious as she spoke to Our Lady and Mirjana did not show as much change in emotion as usual. The apparition lasted 3 minutes until 8:49 a.m. When the apparition ended, Mirjana quickly bent over and prayed awhile.

Our Lady’s Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s May 2, 2010 Message
Given to Mirjana Soldo on the Day for Nonbelievers


“Dear children; Today, through me, the good Father calls you to, with your soul filled with love, set out on a spiritual visitation. Dear children, be filled with grace, sincerely repent for your sins and yearn for the good. Yearn also in the name of those who have not come to know the perfection of the good. You will be more pleasing to God. Thank you.”

Our Lady blessed all our religious articles and in a special way Our Lady blessed all priests present.

Medjugorje - Always More Than You Think

Radio WAVE

The 2nd Joyful Mystery: The Visitation. “Mary set out” in haste to the hill country to ‘visit’ Elizabeth, who when hearing Mary’s greeting, was “filled with the Holy Spirit. Elizabeth’s husband, Zachariah, had been told by an angel, who had appeared in the temple to him months before, that his aged and sterile wife would conceive and the child was to be called John, and he would be “filled” with the Holy Spirit.


Zachariah, who could not speak after the angel’s visitation, upon the birth of his son when writing down on a tablet his son’s name, was again able to speak. Fear descended upon all the neighborhood and then throughout the hill country. Zachariah, “filled” with the Holy Spirit, sang out his canticle which in part said:


“Blessed be the Lord, the God of Israel because He has ‘visited’ and ransomed His people.”


Speaking of John, Zachariah said:

“For you shall go before the Lord to prepare straight paths for Him…Giving His people a knowledge of salvation in freedom from their sins.”


Medjugorje is so Biblical as to be surreal, whether you go there physically or in the heart to seek a “spiritual visitation”. Medjugorje is a Joyful Mystery in which the good Father, through His servant John, in this case Mary who in this Her time, filled with the Holy Spirit, has come to prepare the world for the second coming of Her Son and to “fill” us with the Holy Spirit. This can only be achieved by “sincerely repenting from your sins.” Through Our Lady, the good Father ‘calls’ us to the spiritual encounter, a visitation with Our Lady, who through Her messages is filling us with knowledge, as Zachariah’s words state:


“Giving His people a knowledge of salvation in freedom from their sins.”


Do you not know Our Lady’s coming to Medjugorje is the second most important event in world history, second only to Jesus’ life upon the earth? Do you not comprehend Her messages reveal the plan, great plan, for the world’s salvation, as Zachariah said, “giving knowledge of salvation”?


January 25, 1987


“…a great plan for the salvation of mankind…”


Do you know that none of this can be known without sincere repentance which is the first step to opening one’s ears and heart to comprehend Our Lady’s spiritual visitation?


Many approach Medjugorje with too much intellectualism. They are filled with it, which allows little or no room for them to be completely opened to Our Lady's messages. Our Lady, as She often does on the day for non-believers, singles out the priests and blesses all the priests. Everyone in the Medjugorje Movement has experienced occasions when priests have balked or are skeptical of Medjugorje. Medjugorje cannot be approached through complexity and the mind filled with intellectualism. Rather, a real “spiritual visitation” of approaching Medjugorje is with simplicity and the heart ‘filled with love.’ Any other approach to Medjugorje tends to give reproach against Medjugorje. And, just as Zachariah the priest doubted the angel and lost his ability to speak, so too the same happens today in our time of priests and laity alike. But once this is understood, all souls must begin this spiritual visitation with sincere repentance. We will then, as Zachariah, be able to speak again – speak of the great spiritual visitation of the Holy Virgin Mother who is being given a new strength and strong presence upon the earth that She has never had before. Repent and speak. Speak to all! You, both priests and laity, that by proxy that we can save non-believers through Our Lady’s call for the salvation of the world. A call being sounded for the last time.

May 2, 1982


"I have come to call the world to conversion for the last time."


In Yearning for Souls’ Salvation,

A Friend of Medjugorje


P.S. Listen to the Radio Wave Broadcast titled: War Zone, Fractured Family and the Good Father, where A Friend of Medjugorje speaks of the message today to Mirjana and it's application to your daily life.

Pilgrims waiting at the Blue Cross

Most of these pilgrims, from all over the world, arrived in the very early hours of May 2, 2010, to await Our Lady's apparition to Mirjana. Some were covered in blankets, others in plastic to ward off the cold and morning dew. Petitions are gathered at the base of the Blue Cross, including all those sent in to The devotion to Our Lady and Her apparitions is as strong as it ever has been as Medjugorje approaches its 29th year anniversary next month.


Mirjana Smiling at Our Lady

Mirjana as she sees Our Lady arrive in the apparition today, May 2, 2010. Mirjana is a wife and a mother. She spends most of her time in her home, taking care of her family and the pilgrim groups who stay with them. In this, she is no different than most of the women in Medjugorje who are occupied with the same tasks—house cleaning, food preparation, at the kitchen sink doing the dishes. Yet, she alone, has a duty that no one else can fill—to bring Our Lady to the multitudes who flow into Medjugorje a day or two before the second of every month with all their longings, desires and needs. Blessed is she amongst all women.


Mirjana Intensely looking at Our Lady

Mirjana received Our Lady's message today, May 2, 2010. The concentration on Mirjana's face is always intense when Our Lady relays the message. What words will be spoken in the world today that will carry with them the impact, gravity, importance and power to change lives more than what Mirjana received today? Mirjana's attitude, posture, concentration, intensity are all messages to us as to how to receive these words of Our Lady—not just today, but with every message given. Our whole self—body, mind and spirit—should be captivated by these words from Heaven. As Our Lady once said, we are the ones responsible for Her messages.


Mirjana relaying the message

Mirjana, just after the May 2, 2010 apparition ended, relays the message given to her by Our Lady. Another month will pass before she looks into the loving eyes of the Virgin Mary. It is seen on her face, in her humble posture, the "weight" of such a "wait."


Pilgrims walking down the mountain

Each month, tens of thousands of new "witnesses" attend Mirjana's second of the month apparition. These pilgrims, who are leaving the area of the Blue Cross where Mirjana received Our Lady, will leave Medjugorje in a few days. They will go back to their homes in the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Australia, Africa, Russia, Mexico—and other nations of the world, and just like the Apostles of Jesus, they will witness to the wonders they have seen in this little tiny village, a village many call today the New Jerusalem.


Pilgrims walking and cow

Pilgrims are seen walking back to their pansions or to the church along a dirt path after attending Mirjana's May 2, 2010 apparition today at the Blue Cross. Though there is always more and more building going on in Medjugorje, thankfully there are still signs of the rural life that used to be the common life of all of the villagers at the time the apparitions began nearly 29 years ago.

Prayer for Nonbelievers

Tangent Alberta, Canada
Rawlins, Utah - USA
Dear freinds of our Blessed Mother I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your messages , I look forward to being a part of your wordly prayer group every day. Unfortuetly I cant find to many people in my small city that even want to listen even our priest is not even listening so if you can please pray for Rawlins Wyoming so we can bring more people back to the Chirch and also do you have any thing on good confessions ? thanks and God Bless . From Wyoming U.S.A.
Paula Kutlesa
Hermitage, Pennsylvania - USA
Every summer my family and I go to Croatia to visit relatives and then go to Medjugorje. I pray that our Mother will ask God to heal me of my illness and to save the United States from the evil that is trying to destroy her. This year I will not be able to go and I thank Caritas for bringing Medjugorje to me every month. You have brought wonderous insite to the messages and words cannot express my gratitude. I pray for all who need prayers. God Bless everyone!
Wantagh, New York - USA
Thank you for bringing us Our Lady's messages and the beautiful pictures of Mirjana receiving them. I want to give thanks to Mary for all she has done for me in bringing me back home to her Son Jesus and His True Church. Mother, thank you for taking care of us and loving us. Words can never express my gratitude...please bring my children back to Jesus too...thank you Mother!
Daniel J Tyler
Bemuspoint, New York - USA
I was in Medjugorje climbing the way of the cross at the time of the apparition. My wife a friend and I saw the rocks by the station we were at turn blue it was so wonderful. I can't wait to return as a Deacon for our great Church. God Bless all
Sacramento, USA
I ask all who read this to lift up my family and marriage to the Lord in prayer. Spiritual guidance & nourishment is necessary for us to survive. Thank you.
Tacloban City, Philippines
Dear Caritas: I thank you for all the messages you always send/update me with. You know that these messages give me spiritual inspiration and life everytime i come to read them. I just hope and pray that God may open all hearts as they come to know Medjugorje and receive/believe all that Our Lady has to bring us all. Thank you and may God's love be known and accepted by us and all people all over the world, and may God have mercy on us all. tootsie
Montreal, Canada
O loving Mother, Thank you for visiting us once again and preparing us with such a meaningful message. Thank you to for taking care of our petitions to Our Lady and for bringing those beautiful pictures to us. Thank you also for the prayer for non beleivers !
Bellevue, USA
I saw the last picture of Mirijiana as she states the words of our Lady. The sad and humble look as you stated, "now she waits for another month to look in the eyes of Mary". My heart sank as I saw her. It's been several years since I was to Medjugorie and still cry to be there and so home-sick for it and Mary. Blessed Mother even though I can't be in Medjugorje please bring Medjugorje to me by placing yourself and your son in my heart always. We are so busy here in the U.S. that we forget.
Zena Eggough
Klosterneuburg, Austria
Dear Friend of Medjugorje, Our Lady's messages are usually direct and meaningful. Thank you for your continual service. Zena
Sault Ste. Marie., Canada
Great message
Shirley-Ann L.
Pearl, Canada
Thank you O,Blessed Mother for allowing me to receive your message through this web site. Please help me to be more loving to everyone. Please help me to be more christien to everyone I meet. Please bless our whole family and bring them to your Immaculate heart.Thank you for coming to earth through Medjugorje to bring us back to you and your Son Jesus.I look forward to your visits.
Naxxar, Malta
Our Blessed Mother has so much love and motherly maternity for us her children. We should always appreciate her concern and love that she show in her messages. We must never take these messages for granted. May God always be praised!
Negombo, Sri Lanka
Thank You Mother for everything .You are reminding over over again our call to be your children.Help us poor sinners. We struggle on our way to You.
Sandra K.
Hanover Park, Illinois - USA
I did not hear of Medjugorje until about three years ago. I heard Colleen Willard tell of her miracle. It was a very emotional evening. I wear the bracelet rosary she gave out everyday. I also heard Ivan speak and was very moved when Our Lady appeared to him. I look forward to receiving emails announcing the apparitions. I feel that some day I wish to go there and it needs to be soon as my husband and I are already in our sixties. I pray that soon we will be able to go.
Julie Silva
Riverside, Rhode Island - USA
Beautiful message. I do yearn to share my faith and pray daily that all people will return to Jesus. I thank you dear Lady for your messages. I also pray that people will listen and return to Jesus and to Pray!
Katy, Texas - USA
The Feast of Visitation has a special meaning to me. Maybe because it is during my meditation on this feast that I finally realized the part of our Blessed Mother in the mystery of salvation: how she is filled with the Holy Spirit, and how late have I loved her! And then, Jesus spoke about how Capernaum failed to see the truth in its hour of visitation. I pray that may we never fail to see and receive with open hearts all these graces that are being poured on us at this moment of Visitation.
Chicago, Illinois - USA
Thank you mother Mary for your visitation. I am not able to come to your mountain, please do come to my heart and my home. I repent for all my sins and desire to see you face to face. Oh! my mother will show your face to me once. Thanks for this web that allowed us see some parts of your mountain and the faithful who longs for you.Mother Bless us.
Hingham, USA
Today I thank God for the Blessed mother, and I thank the Blessed mother for saying yes to God. She is the way to salvation for all Christians and the people of nations. I pray for the people of the USA, and for my family and all the family of the world. and thanks the Blessed Mother for her message. I pray for peace and love and faith for me my family and the whole world
Jeanne Marie
Ponte Vedra, Florida - USA
Beautiful message from our Blessed Mother, wonderful commentary from our friend of Medjugorje, and inspirational pictures of lovely Mirjana and pilgrims. This month the message is a complete course in the school of love! Set out...Begin today. Repent. Desire good for yourself and others. Become more pleasing to God in this way, and filled with His grace. All of us are called by our Father. Thank you to all of you what a blessing.
Miami, Florida - USA
This has made me understand better Our Lady's prompting for praying and for repentance as expressed in the Canticle of Zaccharia, " him knowledge and salvation in freedom of his sins.." We need to prepare for what people call as a last chance to get it right with the Lord... The great day of enlightenment or warning. The day we will experience our sins the way God sees them. Thank you for this.
Paoli, USA
The best breakdown and analysis of a message I have seen. Because you know Scripture and all our Mother's messages so well you are able to integrate and highlight the meaning of the present one. Thank you for serving her and us.
Tim Rivelli
Hinsdale Illinois, USA
Recall the words of Elizabeth in greeting Our Lady, "And how does this happen to me that the mother of my Lord should come to me?" When I think of our grace in this time of Our Lady's visitation, the love of God, Our Lady's love for us how Blessed are we who experience the grace of her visitation. How often am I in need of repentance in my response to her visitation? And after I am strengthened it becomes my responsibilty to set out in love on a spiritual visitation to others.thanks Caritas!
Manly, Australia
Thank you my Heavenly Mother I cannot afford to go now to another one of your Holy Sites. I do repent of all my sins and ask for prayers still for my mother. Yesterday 2nd May was my mother and father's anniversary of their wedding,they were married in a Catholic Church I still honor them - due to my mother's sibblings quarrells over family property and money my parents were seperated as my grandmother needed protection. Please pray to your Son for my families protection and coversion
Naperville, Illinois - USA
How wonderful to see all the people still coming to visit Our Lady to hear what our Lady has to say and to witness the truth of the apparitions and to see that so many come to be near Our mother! I hope that I to can go to this holy place someday. It is good to have mejlist to take us there for some of us who can not go!
Mary Ann C Golden
Fairfield Glade, Tennessee - USA
Oh how I miss Medjugorje.I use to stay with Mirjana and that alone was a special time.I noticed there are a lot more people coming there at this time of the month.Thank you Gospa for attending to our earthy needs through Mirjana.
Middletown Nj, USA
Sunday AM, 5-2-2010 THANK YOU so much. It brought tears to my eyes when I read Caritas brought the apparitions sent in to them and laid them at the Blue Cross. I am not worthy.... marion
Gina Gorski
Frankfort,, Illinois - USA
We are so truly blessed to have the love of our lady present herself to Mirjana. This is truly a blessing to all of us whom love her son Jesus and our Lord! She comes to us fully knowing we are sinners. She asks us to repent, sin no more, convert our entire heart and soul to our most high Jesus Christ. Thank you for sharing these messages, they are inspiring, and we too can feel her love and presence in our homes through the internet! Our Lady is helping us pave a path for eternity!
Becky H.
Louisville, Kentucky - USA
I sit in tears at the miraculous sight and words of Medjugorje today. And I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to be chosen to visit there this coming mothers day. To be a part of this time is history is such an honor and blessing.. I already know I will carry this trip in my heart for the rest of my life. Thank you Jesus from your humble servant.