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In a talk to pilgrims on August 4, 2009 Medjugorje visionary Mirjana revealed information about an occurrence in her apparition of August 2, 2009. The pilgrims who gathered for Mirjana’s apparition knew nothing of what she saw as the apparition was going on, and Mirjana while in ecstasy, knew nothing of what the pilgrims saw, but each confirmed the other. These types of special miracles are numerous in the early days of Medjugorje, is what birthed so many numerous conversions. Mirjana revealed that she has never seen the sun in an apparition throughout these 28 years of Our Lady appearing to her. And every time Our Lady mentioned the name of Her “Son” or Jesus* or in the message referred to Him, the sun in the apparition behind Our Lady shone out brightly, which is why Mirjana stated after the apparition that she believed that in the apparition the sun was Christ’s love illuminating all of us. Mirjana mentioned that it gave her a new outlook of the “sun”, or the “Son”—she didn’t clarify exactly what she meant but what seemed to be implied was that in seeing the “sun” behind Our Lady, and shining more brightly every time Jesus’ name was spoken or referred to, that Mirjana was given a sense of the “sun’s” representation of Christ’s love for the world in some way. Several other signs in the sun were seen by the crowds.

The pulsating sun is precisely what thousands of pilgrims saw while Mirjana, in ecstasy, saw this also. Following are testimonies from two separate pilgrims who describe what they saw the morning of August 2, 2009, when hearing the crowds, looked up at the sun during the time that Mirjana was seeing Our Lady in the apparition.

Max from Slovenia-

“I have been here to Medjugorje about forty times but I have never seen such a miracle as I saw at Mirjana’s apparition. After Mirjana’s apparition I looked up at the sun and it became like a ball and was spinning, very fast. People could look at the sun without any sun glasses, or protection over their eyes. And there were many circular waves around the sun like ripples from a stone thrown into the water, which were changing colors from blue to grey. I saw that for about a minute, but some people for much longer. This experience probably was different for each person, I think. After the finishing of this miracle I looked at the cross on Cross Mountain and around it there was like clouds rising up and they were green and yellow and they looked like columns and then some of the people began to cry, many were praying. It was very beautiful. Inside me was a very strong and powerful feeling of God’s love and peace. It was a great experience for my heart and for our fight.”

Malgorzata Milowicka from Austria-

“Today during Mirjana’s apparition I saw in the sky, stars around the sun and then I saw bright colors and they began to flash red and then green and blue and purple and yellow and orange, coming and going, coming and going. And all around bright rays of light would shine out from the sun from different parts of the sun. I don’t know how long I saw this for if it was seconds, minutes, I don’t know but it seemed for a long, long time. And then it’s coming peace, peace. My mother saw similar colors in the sun but for a shorter time. But all the people around us had seen the sun dance, or a cross in the sun, or something similar to this, it was a miracle.”

Thousands of others could give their testimonies, as another young man told us that he clearly saw a cross in front of the sun and another woman saw the Host over the sun. Such a miracle in which so many could see be illuminated by the “times” in which we live is why Our Lady said:

May 2, 2009

“…look at the signs of the times…”

What time is it?

“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” Rev. 12:1-2



Past, Present, Future
Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
In Regards to the Woman of Revelation, Chapter 12


From the birth of the Church up until the end of the 1970’s:


Who? No Man could ascertain

What? No Man could ascertain

When? No Man could ascertain

Where? No Man could ascertain

Why? No Man could ascertain

How? No Man could ascertain


In the present time:


Who? The Holy Virgin Mary

What? The Great Sign in the Sky

When? June 24, 1981

Where? Medjugorje

Why? To save the world

How? Through the six visionaries and those She makes to be Her apostles


In the Future:


Who? If not Her, who?

What? If not the Great Sign, what?

When? If not then, when?

Where? If not the Holy Village, where?

Why? If not for the greatest resurrection and restoration of man’s soul since Christ’s resurrection, why?

How? If not through the six and those called who lived and died testifying and witnessing to the Great Sign, how?


Now that many have seen this miracle of the sun, and many of you have read or heard of it, we can say to you as the two angels appeared and said to the apostles who were looking up at the “Son” at His ascension into Heaven:

“Why are you standing there looking at the sky?”

Signs are given in Medjugorje for a greater impulse to move you. Who are you in Our Lady’s plans? What are you doing for Our Lady’s plans? When do you plan to become more active? Where is your heart motivated to act? If your heart is not motivated, why not? How will you proceed?

In the Love of Our Lady,

A Friend of Medjugorje

From the Holy Village of Medjugorje

* At the beginning of every apparition Our Lady greets the visionaries by saying “Praised be Jesus.”


Two “visionaries”, side-by-side, the morning of August 2, 2009. One is Mirjana, one of the six visionaries from Medjugorje who is in the middle of the apparition of Our Lady. The other is a pilgrim who among thousands of other pilgrims became a visionary for a few moments when she saw the miracle of the sun, many brilliant colors streaming forth, the sun spinning or pulsating, a cross appearing within the sun—it was different for each person. But as the face of this pilgrim shows, it was a stunning display of God’s creative powers within His creation. It was a vision, you might say, that few in the world have ever seen or will ever get to see. Also notice the priest.


This picture was taken during Mirjana’s ecstasy the morning of August 2, 2009. It is remarkable to contemplate the faces of those who are peering at the miracle of the sun while also contemplating what Mirjana is seeing and noticing in her apparition with Our Lady. Thousands along with even Mirjana, are seeing the sun, but the sun in Mirjana’s apparition responds to Our Lady’s words whenever Our Lady says the name of “Jesus” or refers to Him in any way. The “sun” of the Woman of Revelation that She comes “clothed with”, or is it the love of Her “Son” that She comes clothed with?

“A great sign appeared in the sky, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars.” Rev. 12:1-2

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