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September 2, 2017 A.D.

In the beginning was the Word...

In the early days of his involvement in Medjugorje and his work of spreading Our Lady’s messages through the mission of Caritas of Birmingham, a Friend of Medjugorje took a hard, prayerful look at what the future of spreading Our Lady’s messages would be like. How should the messages be spread? How would the messages be preserved in the future?


Be a Depository
for Medjugorje

Today we release a Major New Feature that a Friend of Medjugorje has had in his mind since 1988 – that documentation about Our Lady and Her Messages would be produced in a manner that would help many people to become a “depository” of the witness and messages of Our Lady of Medjugorje. Today’s feature accomplishes part of this plan – you, as an apostle of Our Lady, now have the ability to download and print the ENTIRE site, your Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM!

No matter where you live, be it in the United States, Africa, Australia, or anywhere across the world, it is of highest importance that there be a written record of the events of Medjugorje, especially in the event of a societal and technological breakdown. You can be the “go to” depository library of the messages, one to whom people from all over your region will come seeking information about Our Lady.

A Friend of Medjugorje had friendships with those in the highest levels of television in the early 1990s. He had brought the President and Chairman of the Board of ABC News & Entertainment and Sports Division worldwide, along with his wife, to Medjugorje in the summer of 1987. Yet, it was at this very time that God began showing a Friend of Medjugorje that television was not the future. He wrote the book I See Far as a result. It took a lot for him to just walk away from the television world, especially as God had opened up the door to developing relationships with those who could bring the message of Medjugorje to television screens throughout the world.

So, with decisive seriousness, a Friend of Medjugorje began to discern in what direction he was going to move the mission of Caritas, and whether television was going to be part of that future. He reasoned that God, Himself, established His “Word” in printed form. The Ten Commandments were inscribed in stone, the Old Testament books written on scrolls, and the current version of the printed Bible is available to almost anyone in the world. The Dead Sea Scrolls were preserved for 20 centuries, as were writings of the saints. On the other hand, it was already known that some of the old, classic Hollywood films were deteriorating. Today, there is a lot of talk about the threat of EMP’s, Electro Magnetic Pulses, that could from one moment to the next, knock out all electronics. Just a breakdown in G.P.S. today would cause the world to stand still, and whatever would still move would be in a state of pandemonium - in the air, by rail, or ships on the high seas, etc. While the world continues to go deeper and deeper into “virtual reality,” there is less and less physical preservation of precious information in printed form. This is a dangerous path planned by evil to pull the rug out from underneath the whole world, throwing it into chaos. Many people have experienced at one time or another the loss of electricty while shopping at a store, and having gone to pay for what you want to purchase you have been told they cannot not check you out because the cash register does not work. You may have even tried to give the money to the store employee and been told they could not take it. "But here's the money!," you exclaim. To which the store employee replies, "Sorry, we're not allowed to take it."  The world has a trusted system in place that is interwoven throughout the whole world affecting every part of life. And when the trusted system goes down, what will happen? What will change? What will you do?    

In looking at every variable, a Friend of Medjugorje came to the conclusion that the written, printed word is where he needed to focus his efforts in spreading the messages. The printed or written word has been passed down through the generations. It has retained history; it has educated, enlightened, and converted. The printed or written word has proven its longevity, dating back thousands of years. Yet the whole world has bought into a world of virtual reality, which means it is not reality but an imitation reality.  It is "virtual," and it can vanish in a poof!  

Centuries ago, only the Church and very wealthy people had books. Everyone had a Bible, but to have a second book meant you had somewhat of a prized possession. To have 10 books meant you were wealthy.  To have 200 books meant you were extremely rich.  Will we go back to such a time?  The knowledge contained in the books was real wealth at their fingertips. Today, there is so much information available in the world; there are books, magazines and internet sites at one's fingertips, BUT so few people read things of substance. The vast majority of people, with so much information constantly coming at them can absorb only very little, and even then, it is often at a very superficial level. So, though we have all the wealth in the world, the WORLD IS POOR.

While many were jumping quickly into the internet when it was first released, a Friend of Medjugorje waited. Before the internet was even known to the public, a NASA scientist came to Caritas in 1992 to explain this "thing" now called the internet. He said it would change the world and that a Friend of Medjugorje could be one of the first to use it. Through prayer, a Friend of Medjugorje understood the internet was not what Our Lady was showing him to be the primary “way” to spread the messages. Our Lady guided him to develop the printing operation of Caritas. It was only after 14 years and through much prayer that he felt impelled to launch in 2006. He saw that in order to try and reach the world, many others had embraced the technology without much reflection. Having established Caritas' printing operation and other arms, and having years to reflect on the internet, he knew the time had come when Our Lady showed it was now time to use the internet to help “get more hearts.” However, he believed then, and he still believes very strongly now, that at some point in the future, the internet will go away, at least for an extended interim period. Medjugorje visionary, Ivan, stated in 2011 when speaking about the future, “When we see the physical changes that will happen in the world, we will understand why She came every day.”

So, while has an enormous wealth of information about Our Lady’s apparitions and messages, the site will go away at some point. For several years a Friend of Medjugorje has wanted to create a function on that allows users to, with a very small number of simple steps, download and print the ENTIRE MEDJUGORJE.COM site. Today is the day.

Medjugorje is Real

Our Lady’s apparitions are REAL. When the world comes to know the truth, everyone will want to know what it was like during the time of grace when Our Lady was appearing. Just as those who sought out the apostles after the Crucifixion, surely regretting not acknowledging the Savior when He walked the earth, others will seek out Our Lady’s apostles when She is no longer with us. What resource will you call upon to convey everything about Our Lady? The oral transmission of Our Lady's "works" on the earth must have a compass to reference to. is the most comprehensive site on Medjugorje, speaking not about the “news” of the village, but the life-changing fruit of Our Lady’s words.  What good is if the internet goes away?

Now you will be able to print everything you can see on in chronological order. Though you will be able to print it from your home or office, we are also working to produce a professionally printed, hardbound version of the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM. We are currently working with a few companies to produce hardbound versions of these Encyclopedias that you will be able to order as a multi-volume set, just as with any encyclopedia set. A high quality, hardbound version will be more durable and last much longer than an unbound copy printed on regular paper. Do not be discouraged, however, from also printing your own copy from home or taking it to a place such as a FedEx Print & Ship Center to have it printed for you. Box it up to preserve it for you to be a depository when the time of grace is over. There will be millions starving for the words and actions of Our Lady.  

One person, or a small group of people, can become the depository of Our Lady’s messages in each region, village, etc., across the world. A large force is not necessary for spreading the word, if the team behind the apostles is ready to supply them with what they need. This Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM has taken a very long time to put together and has been a difficult task to surmount just to make the programming work to achieve the desired end in printed word. We spent a lot of time and money to make this available because a Friend of Medjugorje has discerned and reasoned out that these resources will be necessary in the future. For those who make themselves a depository of the messages, you will be the apostles who have safeguarded and preserved Our Lady’s messages, what She did, and the stories that have made history and will change the world.  You will be further equipped as Our Lady’s apostles to spread Her messages to the ends of the earth, region by region.

The Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM
Will Give You "Might"

Our Lady said on June 27, 1988:

"...I give you might, dear children; with this might, you can bear everything. May this might make you strong in everything. You need it; that is why I give you might."

The Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM places the whole army of Caritas' efforts at your disposal. The elite fighting force, the United States Navy SEALs, often work in very small teams, sometimes teams of four, sometimes even in sniper teams of just two men. However, these highly-trained Navy SEALs often have at their disposal the full “might” of the United States military – they can call in devastating air strikes from bombers, fighter jets, and helicopters above, they can call in quick reaction forces of much larger forces of ground troops, they can call in support from the Navy’s ships. They have real “MIGHT” behind them.

Today, you not only have the “might” of the “site” and its 30 man team behind you, you can also physically have it in your hands.

If you are not convinced of the importance of having a physical copy of everything on, take time to reason with the Lord. Take a stock of what you have available in your own home, right at this moment in time, to feed the world around you if a sudden collapse happens. Do not think in terms of “we will be back up and running in a few years.” Rather, think in terms of entire infrastructures having to be rebuilt just to take care of man’s basic needs for years to come. A Friend of Medjugorje says of that time:

"Man will not want advanced electronics because he will see the truth that ‘it’ is what put him in the position of his sins. Man will, with the help of satan, resurrect modernism again after some period of time, and then it will not be Our Lady coming back, it will be the Christ's Second Return."

screen shot mejcom

As an apostle who will be on fire to bring people, who, during the time of the secrets and after, will be yearing for Our Lady, are you satisfied with what you have to help explain Medjugorje and the events that have happened through all the years of the apparitions? You will be in a much better position if you have the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM in your physical possession. From now on, you can find the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM download page as a menu item on the homepage as seen in the image to the left (if you print out this page, the image will appear above this text). The button at the bottom of this page will also take you immediately to the Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM download page. IMPORTANT: The Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM is extensive. The page you will visit to download the files needed to print the entire site includes additional information and steps that are very important to read before you download and begin printing.

Thank you, again, to all of you who have donated and prayed to make these extraordinary features possible. We continue to seek to refine and improve each of the new features to make them more useful and user friendly. God bless you.

In the Love of Our Lady,

On Behalf of a Friend of Medjugorje

Caritas of Birmingham

Operated by the Community of Caritas

Visit the New Medjugorje EncyclopediaTM by Clicking the Button Below:

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What if I want to print or share a single, individual writing that I found on

You now have several options for being a depository and a distributor of the individual writings you find on The bullet points below and the graphic that follows the bullet points illustrate three very easy ways to print and distribute an individual writing on As you will see when you reach the graphic below, the “clicks” for each of the options explained are found in the same area, the upper right-hand part, of every page on the site.

1. Click the “Save as PDF” button, an easy to use option which appears on the upper right-hand part of every page. This will automatically generate a PDF file of the writing that you can print or send electronically to a loved one. The PDF download is very clean and ready for evangelization distribution, to be printed, mailed, or placed in key locations like your workplace bulletin board, Church vestibule, etc. (see #1 in the graphic below).

2. Click on “Email” to send a copy of the writing electronically to a loved one or co-worker. (see #2 in the graphic below).

3. Use the “Share bar” to “Tweet” or “Share” the writing with a loved one or co-worker. (see #3 in the graphic below).

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