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Sunset in Medjugorje

A view of the sunset in Medjugorje tonight, on July 9, 2007, from the vantage point of the Blue Cross. Most of the pilgrims and villagers arrive for the apparition when it is still daylight, but quickly the daylight diminishes and darkness descends about 20-30 minutes before Our Lady’s apparition at 10:00 p.m. Tonight, Ivan and his prayer group led all those present in two mysteries of the Rosary, singing Ave Maria in between each decade.


onight, the evening of July 9, 2007, Our Lady appeared to Ivan during his prayer group meeting at the Blue Cross. There were several thousands of pilgrims and villagers present at the apparition tonight and they were all happy to be present with Our Lady. Following is Ivan’s description of the apparition:

Blue Cross in Medjugorje

Tonight, July 9, 2007 at 8:36 p.m. pilgrims gathered in front of, behind, and all around the Blue Cross knowing that this was the actual spot Our Lady would appear. Ivan and his prayer group just celebrated their 23rd year anniversary, on July 4. The prayer group began on July 4, 1984.

Today, when Our Lady came She was very, very happy, and greeted us by saying “Praised be Jesus, my dear children.” And then after, Our Lady prayed with Her hands extended over us for a long time. She especially prayed for all the sick. She blessed us all with Her motherly blessing, as well as all of our religious articles, Rosaries and everything that we brought for blessing. And then I recommended all of your intentions, petitions, all your families, especially for the sick. And then Our Lady prayed a long time for the sick present tonight. And then after Our Lady prayed a long time especially tonight for priests and vocations for the Church. And then I prayed with Our Lady an Our Father and Glory Be. And then Our Lady left in the illuminated sign of the cross saying “Go in peace my dear children.” This is important tonight.


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