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Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje’s June 2, 2009 Message
To Mirjana Soldo Given on the Day for Non-Believers

“Dear children! My love seeks your complete and unconditional love, which will not leave you the same as you are, instead it will change you and teach you to trust in my Son. My children, with my love I am saving you and making you true witnesses of the goodness of my Son. Therefore, my children, do not be afraid to witness love in the name of my Son. Thank you.”

He Was Left Bleeding at the Intersection

Mirjana said, “Our Lady blessed all of us present here and all religious articles we have for the blessing.” At Our Lady’s departure, Mirjana said that she was able to see the cross, and where the horizontal and vertical part of the cross meet, Mirjana was able to see the Heart surrounded by a Crown of Thorns. Mirjana also said that Our Lady was not sad.

From a Friend of Medjugorje:

Our Lady told us June 25, 1991:

“…If you pray, God will help you discover the true reason for my coming. Therefore, little children, pray and read the Sacred Scriptures so that through my coming you discover the message in Sacred Scripture for you…”

Mirjana June 2, 2009

The beautiful smiles of Mirjana in ecstasy will be remembered long after she leaves this world. These are the last human eyes on earth, among the other five visionaries of Medjugorje, who will ever see the Virgin Mary in this way again, as Our Lady has told these visionaries that these are the last apparitions on earth where anyone will be able to see Her, touch Her, hear Her. We who live in this time, hold the treasure of seeing the visionaries in the time Our Lady is appearing. All other Christians, in the future, will have only the pictures of these events to be able to live these moments. We do not comprehend what great grace we have in our hands today!

Jesus tells us that in the future the hearts of men will grow cold and there will be no love.

Do you realize the depth of the fall of society and the serious situation of how far man’s heart has sunk? Most would say yes, but in reality, man does not know the full depth, cannot, and will not know. He is too distracted and absorbed in his own affairs and gives tokenism in his love and honor of His Maker. Yes, he speaks of them, saying the words, saying he believes, “God is good. I believe in God.” But action shows most is mere tokenism. Where is the passion? Where is God’s plans over one’s own desires? Where is the action for another’s needs before one’s own? Love can be expressed as “to prefer another’s needs before your own.” St. John, the Apostle, clearly shows in Scripture that love is best displayed by obedience. Love, therefore, is not huggy-cushy, but heroic based in self–denial, giving to others what you do not take even for yourself. Jesus, Himself, showed this when He had so much, yet gave away what He even needed. He said the Son of Man had no place to lay His head. Yet, He had powers. He could have conjured up anything He wanted. Much gold came through Jesus’ hands, all of which He gave away. He preferred other’s needs before His own, even as God. Watching the little children here in the Community of Caritas, we witness often how when they see their mother pick up another child, it makes them immediately want to be picked up. If the mother picks up her own little child, now holding the two, you can often see a complaint and insistence that she put the other child down.

Jesus’ goodness contains no selfishness. He denied His own comforts and now He denies Himself the justice He rightfully could exercise against man for throwing away the passion He suffered, a wasting of the most powerful act done for you for your salvation. And in fact, through entertainments, the seeking of pleasures, the unreasonable enjoyment of things and sports, there is a disregarding of the price Jesus went through for you. Jesus is not selfish with His mother, as the child is. He sends Her to share Her. We take this for granted and we expect that, thinking, “Of course Jesus shares His Mother.” We do not contemplate that of anything, we do not deserve His Mother, the flower of purity. Why expose Her to many who cast away, reject and throw away what She had to watch at the foot of the Cross. Did She not suffer? We do not deserve His Mother because of our hardness, of the multiple times a day we disregard that Jesus was mercilessly tortured to show us to stay pure beings and not to soil ourselves with sin.

Think of the haughtiness of Her Christian children, so absorbed in themselves and with self importance that they may not recognize the signs of the times even though they are in our faces. This past Sunday’s Mass, one of the moms of the Community had to go out because of her baby crying. She stepped outside the main sanctuary area and was surprised to see people outside sitting, talking, chewing gum. Worse still, were the number of people who were on their cell phones, texting or staring at them, giving true honor to their god, while the real God received nothing from them, even at Mass!

Recently we printed a story in the Update for the Retooling of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages. There is a story of a mom whose daughter wrote us. Her mother had died in her nineties. Her daughter wrote of how many times a day she would kiss the cross around her neck, holding it with love, touching it. This is actually normal behavior that all Christians, young and old, should be in the habit of doing because this Man on this Cross is our God. Really? Yes, really! Why is this said sarcastically? Because the god of most Christians today, the cross they hold, they put to their lips, the cross they embrace, the one they love, that they cannot be without, that they will return home to get if they forget, is their cell phones. One can deny this, but simple observation anywhere in culture proves for the Christian, he is absorbed in something that brings false self-importance, rather than holding a cross that humbles us and says you are not so important, that God is first, we are not. Sure many would say this doesn’t apply to them in the way they use their cell phones, etc., but their action shows otherwise. Do this test. Observe how much people hold a cross compared to how much they hold their cell phones. Is this an unfair comparison? Was it not Our Lady who said:

February 25, 1988

“…let the Rosary always be in your hands as a sign to satan that you belong to me…”

Can you imagine what impact would happen if people carried their Rosaries, the cross on the Rosaries in their hands at least the same amount of time they carry their cell phones? Does Our Lady expect that? Yes, She expects that. She said it in the message you just read. If a daughter writes of her mother’s legacy, kissing and holding the cross, what would happen if all who know the Mother would just keep in their hands throughout the day the Rosary, their fingers on the Cross, like many do with fingers on the dial tone? We are not asking for non-believers to do this. It is enough if Christians lived interiorly this sign and exteriorly manifested this action. But many people do not take Our Lady’s words seriously. If we did, we would understand what She wants to do with us, Our Lady said:

June 25, 1991

“…There are many people who do not desire to understand my messages and to accept with seriousness what I am saying. But you I therefore call and ask that by your lives and your daily living you witness my presence…”

Our Lady puts out a ‘call and asks’, through Her messages, while many constantly allow the calls from their cell phones and its messages to drown out Our Lady’s words by so much wasted words through this little god they carry, their source of knowledge. But the value of words and the profound waste of words in today’s society is checked by something Our Lady did today in Mirjana’s apparition. In fact, it wasn’t words that spoke the loudest today. The strongest message Our Lady gave today is how powerful you are when you walk down the street with the Rosary and Cross in your hand. Today Our Lady showed the Cross, and where the two cross beams meet is a meeting of two directions – a collision at an intersection of God, intercepting man. And in the path of that crash, it is Jesus who we hit, who we injure, who in His goodness forgives our reckless driving of our lives and whose love says from the heart, bleeding at the intersection, “I love. Though you hit Me in your neglect, I love.” You cannot crash at the Cross of the intersection and remain the same. You will change. You must change. Jesus’ heart laid out at the intersection bleeding, teaches, by His witness, what we must do unconditionally when someone crashes into us – Love.

“Dear children! My love seeks your complete and unconditional love, which will not leave you the same as you are, instead it will change you and teach you to trust in my Son. My children, with my love I am saving you and making you true witnesses of the goodness of my Son. Therefore, my children, do not be afraid to witness love in the name of my Son. Thank you.”

Mirjana said, “Our Lady blessed all of us present here and all religious articles we have for the blessing.” At Our Lady’s departure, Mirjana said that she was able to see the cross, and where the horizontal and vertical part of the cross meet, Mirjana was able to see the Heart surrounded by a Crown of Thorns. Mirjana also said that Our Lady was not sad.

Mirjana June 2, 2009

Mirjana said that she was able to see the cross, and where the horizontal and vertical part of the cross meet, Mirjana was able to see the Heart surrounded by a Crown of Thorns.

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Once we leave the crash scene, where our path crosses with Jesus, uninjured because Jesus took the blow, saving us, we must witness His goodness to others in the way He, Himself, teaches us. And when the blows come to us, we must give this goodness that He gave us to others. It is to be given to our neighbors when our encounters with them form a cross.

With Love,
Friend of Medjugorje
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The following is a description and photographs of the events today, Tuesday, June 2, 2009.

Yesterday afternoon, and through the night, it rained in Medjugorje, so pilgrims awoke to a muddy path, filled with puddles, on the way to the Blue Cross. At the Blue Cross, it was also muddy with puddles.

At approximately 4:15 a.m., Caritas Pilgrims walked in a light rain and arrived at the Blue Cross in preparation for the apparition to find only one pilgrim sleeping, as if he had spent the night there. At about 5:00 or 5:30 a.m., a bus of Italian pilgrims arrived and from then until Mirjana arrived thousands streamed in to be in the presence of Our Lady at the Blue Cross. Many Rosaries were prayed in preparation for the Our Lady’s apparition. It did not rain at all during the hours leading up to the apparition, and as the thousands prayed, the clouds were moving away. At one point before the apparition, the sun even came out slightly.

Mirjana arrived at approximately 8:30 a.m. at the Blue Cross, and another Rosary was begun. She actually knelt on a plastic tarp as the area where she received Our Lady was a muddy puddle. There were many priests present at the apparition. Almost the entire Rosary was prayed in Italian, with the exception of a priest who prayed it in Portuguese. Mirjana seemed anxious as the prayer continued by the way she moved and held her hands, often looking as though she was clutching her heart in expectation for Our Lady’s coming. She took several deep breaths, as she often does while waiting for Our Lady on the second of each month. Seconds before Our Lady came, Mirjana looked as though her heart was pounding fast, and then Mirjana opened up her folded hands and raised her head as Our Lady came at approximately 8:46 a.m. In the first seconds of the apparition, tears could be seen flowing down Mirjana’s face. She had a wide range of emotion and gestures during the approximately 4-5 minute apparition. Mirjana cried, she smiled, she looked sad and cringed with a slight shrug of her shoulders a couple times or so as if she was hearing or seeing something painful or awful. She nodded as in agreement and shook her head from side to side as if to say “no.” Mirjana also held her hands together in prayer with her fingers pointing up. She also cupped her hands together with palms facing up, and at some points held her hands about 1 foot apart with palms facing each other.

When looking directly into Mirjana’s face, one could see the end of the apparition coming. Mirjana began to lean forward and up and to focus on an object that was moving in an opposite direction away from her. When Our Lady was leaving, Mirjana moved her head and eyes slightly to the left, as if she was looking up and following the motion of something that had obstructed her view.

The action of Mirjana leaning slightly to the left was noticed before we heard the explanation of Mirjana seeing the Heart on the crossbeams of the cross surrounded by a Crown of Thorns as Our Lady departed.

Mirjana’s head continued to follow Our Lady and she could be seen straining as if to focus as Our Lady disappeared. In these final moments disappointment could be seen on Mirjana’s face.

It took Mirjana over five mintues to collect herself to dictate the message after the apparition.

Pilgrims made it down without any rain, but it began to pour down rain in Medjugorje at 10:00 a.m. and doesn’t look like it will end any time soon!

Mirjana June 2, 2009

The expression on Mirjana’s face shows concern in one of her more serious expressions that was visible in the middle of the apparition today. Every part of her face shows deep concentration.


Towards the end of the apparition, Mirjana leaned to the left, and then a deep frown came upon her face. Though we can’t know for certain, it may have been at this point that she saw the Sacred Heart of Jesus wrapped in thorns in front of the Cross, something very unique to this apparition. Those at the apparition who saw her face, wondered about her expression and how her body was leaning while the apparition was still taking place, but after they heard the description of everything Mirjana saw, it gave an explanation of what they had seen with their eyes. You are witness today of seeing someone who literally saw the Heart of Jesus.

Mirjana June 2, 2009

The last moments of the apparition, as Our Lady ascends back to Heaven, are sweet for Mirjana, but also filled with longing, as separation is always so painful.

Mirjana June 2, 2009

Mirjana takes one last moment to recollect herself in prayer before leaving the site of the Blue Cross to return to her home. She has said many times that at this moment, just after Our Lady leaves, all that she longs for is go back to her bedroom where she can be alone for several hours in prayer. She needs this time of prayer to find the peace and the strength necessary to continue on with her life, as it is so difficult to see Our Lady leave without taking Her with Her to Heaven. Mirjana’s husband , Marco, kneels beside her, and is with her for every apparition.

Mirjana June 2, 2009

There are large groups of Italians in Medjugorje right now. Here, the pilgrims leave the site of the Blue Cross. The rain had stopped at the time pilgrims began arriving for the apparition early this morning, held off all during the time of the apparition and gave time enough for pilgrims to make it back to their “temporary homes” in Medjugorje. At 10:00 a.m., an hour after the apparition, the skies over Medjugorje opened up in a huge rainstorm. Many saw the break in the rain providential, and a grace from Our Lady given for the time of Her apparition.

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