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March 14, 2013 A.D.

Description of Marija’s March 13, 2013 Apparition from the Community of Caritas in Medjugorje:


Today, Wednesday, March 13, 2013, the Community of Caritas brought over to Marija three posters with the 115 cardinal electors on it. Marija and those around who first looked at them, stated how beautiful they are. Marija had a couple hundred pilgrims present in the apparition tonight. She immediately took the three poster boards and placed them right in front of the altar where Marija would receive her apparition. Marija spoke to the group for about 10 minutes. She pointed out to everyone the three boards and explained that these were the cardinals gathered in the conclave to elect the new Pope. She emphasized the importance of praying for each of the cardinals, for when the conclave is finished, one of them would be our new Pope.

The group of pilgrims were then led in praying the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary, with meditation and singing between each decade. Marija then came to the front of the altar and knelt down. She started praying the seven Our Father’s, Hail Mary’s, and Glory Be’s. Our Lady appeared during these prayers. Marija’s apparition lasted about 4 ½ minutes long. She seemed to be speaking several times to Our Lady. After the apparition, Marija explained that during the apparition, Marija recommended all of us and all our intentions to Our Lady. Our Lady prayed over all of us and She blessed all of us and our religious articles.

Replacing the temporary pictures of the cardinals made the day before with the laminated boards of the cardinals, Marija, after today’s apparition, took the pictures of the cardinals that were in last night’s apparition and cut the individual cardinals out. She then placed them in envelopes and had everyone there randomly pick a cardinal to keep in prayer in a special way during this time.



From A Friend of Medjugorje

Shortly after the apparition today, white smoke was seen at the Vatican. Crowds of people poured into St. Peter’s square amidst pouring rain. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio was chosen and took the name of St. Francis I. Of Cardinal Bergoglio’s election to the Seat of Peter, Fr. Lombardi, of the Vatican Press Office said, “I am absolutely convinced that we have a Pope who wants to serve. His election was the election of a rejection of power.” There is significance also in the date of the election. The number 3 is always representative of God, the Holy Trinity, perfect and complete. Also, in Medjugorje the number 3 plays an important role in Our Lady’s messages where She so often uses the phrase, “pray, pray, pray” which is the inspiration behind the devotion, of what we at Caritas initiated in the 1980’s, of the prayer of the 3 Hail Mary’s. Yesterday was March 13, 2013. March is the third month of the year, so the date was 03-13-13. What does it mean to be connected so close to Heaven that we have a direct line to Heaven through Marija, as in the two days of the conclave that we all can appeal directly to Our Lady of Medjugorje to choose Her Cardinal? Our Lady said:


May 25, 1996

“…Little children, I also wish that you all become active during this time that is through me connected to Heaven in a special way…"


Our Lady has also told us that Heaven has never been so near.


November 25, 2000

“…Today when Heaven is near to you in a special way…”


We live in a wondrous time in which we can be so united to Heaven that we can literally appeal to its Queen to influence and impact the universal Church. This is a gift of which we cannot comprehend. Our Lady said:


November 8, 1984

“…If you only knew how great are the graces God is granting you, you would be praying without ceasing…”


Yes, the world is sick and much of the Church is sick. But we have the Nurse whose motherly care has not abandoned us. Our Lady said:


January 2, 2011

“…I will not leave you alone on this path…”


We should all rejoice over our new Pope Francis. And we should rejoice all the more being able to see behind the scenes of the Queen of Peace’s intercession to heal the Church, to heal the world. Please remember the Caritas mission and community in your prayers as we press onward to fulfill the many projects we are involved in including the retooling, the New Communities Conference, April 18-20, and the hosting of the Queen of Heaven, July 1-5, 2013 A.D. for five apparitions wedded to five days of prayer.


In the Love of Our Lady,

A Friend of Medjugorje


P.S. If you are fed by this site, please consider a donation to continue and expand it. ( also is Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas, BVM Pilgrimages, the Caritas Mission House in Medjugorje, the site of the Bedroom and the Field of Apparitions, the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages with a modern printing facility, shipping, offices, communication capabilities with over 100 phone extensions, and the most extensive Medjugorje operation in the world, with much more to come. Your support will help to reach hundreds of millions as we set out into the future as Our Lady said:


June 17, 2011

“…decide for my Son, set out together with Him, follow my messages...”


In addition, a partial list of our spiritual projects and materials that Caritas has implemented over the last 26 years follows, all of which was accomplished by grace and all with your donations and your and our prayers. Thank you for this support and please pray not only for it to continue but for the present phase of expansion in spreading the message across the world into the future, even to those yet to be born. Caritas’ mission is thinking and planning to reach those who will be walking the earth until the end of the world, until the last man is upon the earth, until he draws his last breath. Yes, that last individual who will be the last person of the human race. This is how we plan, live, work and pray in order to accomplish and fulfill these spiritual initiatives. Please always remember to support the most important plan until the world’s end. Become a Caritas Field Angel (call in the USA, 205-672-2000), a core group member, and tithe 5% to the plan Our Lady called for on January 25, 1987,


“…a great plan for the salvation of mankind…”


She asks you,

February 25, 1988

“…sacrifice your lives for the salvation of the world…”


Our Lady asks you,

February 25, 1995

“…become missionaries of my messages…”


You can be a missionary of Our Lady’s messages in a strong concentrated way through all segments of Caritas by what Our Lady states,


February 25, 1997

"… see at this time who needs your spiritual or material help…”


We ask for your “spiritual help” (prayers) and your “material help” (monetary donation). Thank you. We will pray for you who help, during Marija’s apparitions in Medjugorje, and from the Bedroom and Field of Apparitions here in Alabama. The partial list follows:

Words From Heaven - How To Change Your Husband - I See Far - Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping - It Ain’t Gonna Happen - They Fired the First Shot 2012 - Whose Opinion is Right? - American History You Never Learned - Changing History - Patriotic Rosary - August 5th, What Are You Doing for Her Birthday? - Medjugorje—The Fulfillment of all Marian Apparitions - A New Ark? - As Go God’s People, So Goes the World - Medjugorje, Mirjana, A Mystery Revealed - A Time for Decision - satan Wants to Destroy Medjugorje - Fasting - Modesty - In Front of the Crucifix with Our Lady - Treasure Chest - Entering A New Time - Understanding Our Lady’s Messages - A Blessing to Help Save the World - Fallen Field Angel - Don’t Tell Me What to Do! - Spanning 2000 Years of History - When You Decide for Change - Have You Become Complacent or Fallen Asleep? - I Don’t Like My Cross - What Do We Do Now? - Thy Will Be Done? 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Caritas Community in the Founder's writing office

Some of the community gathers, while waiting on the others to join them. Having just returned home after Rosary in the Field in which the Community of Caritas honors the time of Our Lady’s daily apparition on our knees, a call came in from Medjugorje from one of our community members who had just learned that the white smoke was seen on the roof of the Vatican. As word spread throughout the community, members began to gravitate towards our founder’s writing office, gathering around the radio to listen who would be named the Vicar of Christ over the world.


Caritas Community in the Founder's writing office

Who do you think will be our next Pope? The excitement of the new Pope was felt not only by the adults of the community, but the children were also enthusiastic even if they did not fully understand the significance of our gathering together. The fact that we had left our offices, left our jobs, left our work stations, and the Caritas youth were let out of our “Our Lady of Victory Schoolhouse" to come together told them, more than words could have, that something big was happening. The pictures of the cardinals were pondered by the Caritas children, as we explained to them that one of these would be our next Holy Father.


Caritas Community in the Founder's writing office

The poster being held by some of the children and women of the community is a replica of what we sent to Marija’s that was present in the apparition that led up to the election of Pope Francis, yesterday, March 13, 2013 A.D. With community members in Medjugorje working with members back in Alabama, the poster boards were created for Our Lady’s apparitions and transferred to Medjugorje where they were printed and mounted on foam board, and then transported to Marija’s home. Marija was very pleased, and the worker that was with Marija simply said, “bellissima” when the posters were brought in. Little Victoria is proud to have the privilege to point out our new Holy Father out of the 115 faces that were presented to Our Lady in the apparition yesterday


Caritas Community in the Founder's writing office

Keeping with the humility that characterized his life as Cardinal Bergoglio, before he would give his first blessing as Pope Francis, he asked the faithful gathered in St. Peter’s Square to first pray for him asking the Father to bless him. He then asked for silence and humbly bowed during this prayer of the faithful on his behalf. “Now I would like to impart the blessing, but first, first I ask a favor of you. Before the bishop blesses the people, I ask that you pray to the Lord that He bless me: the prayer of the people asking a blessing for their bishop. Let us pray in silence, this your prayer for me.” After the moment of silence, Pope Francis said, “Now I will impart the blessing to you and all the world, to all men of good will.” Fr. Lombardi, said of this gesture, “It is a sign of great spirituality to ask the people’s blessing for him before giving his own.”

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