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The following is Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje's January 25th, 2008 monthly message to the world:


“Dear children! With the time of Lent, you are approaching a time of grace. Your heart is like ploughed soil and it is ready to receive the fruit which will grow into what is good. You, little children, are free to choose good or evil. Therefore, I call you to pray and fast. Plant joy and the fruit of joy will grow in your hearts for your good, and others will see it and receive it through your life. Renounce sin and choose eternal life. I am with you and intercede for you before my Son. Thank you for having responded to my call.”


Please remember to keep the special announcement about Caritas’ future in your daily prayers, and at Communion time. It is being printed at this moment and will be mailed to you. Thank you for your prayers and donation.


To Listen to the Radio WAVE broadcast of January 25, 2008, Click Here.

To Download the broadcast about the January 25, 2008 Message, Click Here.

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