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With A Friend of Medjugorje

Our Lady: We Can’t Outrun Her


Our Lady says we are insincere and that our hearts remain closed, and if this message does not apply right now, it will at some time in the future.

Her words are truth. There is nothing today which cannot find its answer in Her messages because Her words are complete truth, every word of them.

This time is a grace period from God and we are approaching the time of repossession and recall by God because of our ingratitude.


Our Lady is before us begging and we are ungrateful for Her apparitions and Her time with us.

Why would we not want to make our lives and homes where we will not even feel the passage from this life to the next.

You are going to miss this time with Our Lady. These are the best of times, a Holy time. When Our Lady will not be with us any longer, you are going to miss this.

It’s painful to see people we love not responding and what is Our Lady’s response to that.

Last night’s Radio WAVE covers all the above. A show you do not want to miss. Find a couple of hours when you will not be distracted, settle down, and listen to a Friend of Medjugorje. A Radio WAVE broadcast you will want to send to all your friends. When you preach to the choir and they are moved then it’s something everyone must hear. The Community of Caritas was moved by this broadcast and you will be too. As you listen to the program you will realize you need this and one day you’re going to miss this.

Click to listen now and get ready for your heart to be moved. When you finish, make a list of all your friends and family you want to hear this and send it to them. If you have any technical difficulties you can call 1-866-335-2385 and someone can walk you through the problem you are having.

Now pray to the Holy Spirit to open your heart. Settle back and get comfortable. Let Our Lady become every part of you. One day you’re going to miss these opportunities of history.
Caritas of Birmingham

Recorded Monday, April 6, 2009

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