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May 10, 2021 A.D.

Special Letter From A Friend Of Medjugorje To All Of You

from a Friend of Medjugorje

Dearest Medjugorje Family,

With the heart I wish to thank you for all your empathy, prayers, fasting, sacrifices, Masses and letters. You are a consolation to me and I want to be a consolation to you, as we navigate through every situation coming down the road to us. Our Lady’s message of April 25, 2021 said,

“…May your faith…not waiver in any situation, not even in this time of trial…”

What struck me out of the blue that Saturday morning, April 17th, was not on my radar. Feeling healthy and fit, I can only believe all the events that morning, Our Lady had them all under Her watch, as Our Lady has told all of us, “…nothing is by chance…” September 2, 2016

The doctor told me before going into the surgery, “You’ll have a new heart after three month’s healing time.” I don’t know if he can promise that. However, I can promise to my blood family and to you, my Medjugorje family, I am not going to stop.

I am pressed, to lay the way for those who will come in the future, a witness, coupled with your witness, to give a map of how Our Lady led us through the antichrist moment we are in, written in Genesis 3:15i and Revelation Chapter 12, which speaks of how satan’s head is crushed by the Woman and helped by Her apostles. We are the practice “play” to the future generation who will be under the antichrist; satan incarnate manifested upon the earth through an antichrist system, as the one growing in our midst. Our Lady is here to intercept its maturing before satan can fully manifest himself incarnate.

Our Lady has built with us a way of life; a shield of holiness to deflect satan’s blows against Her children. That is what Medjugorje is about. That is what you and I are about. Specifically, in one word, “witness.” The future generation will look back on how we endured the period of trial, and they will find hope in our witness, thereby strengthening them to endure the final great trial before Christ comes.

There are many things I feel pressed by Our Lady to record for you and future generations, no different than what the early church recorded. I leave you, the beloved, with what I told the Community seriously just before my Saturday trial: “…Love one another…” (This was in the message of October 2, 2014 picked that morning.) I also added, "Make a copy and read this message all day." Our Lady knew the trial coming and with Her new efficacy, She is in the midst of every detail. Our Lady’s fingerprints are recognizable throughout our day.

Our Lady said on March 2, 2007:

“…My name is Love…open your heart to Love.”

One of many examples of how Our Lady displayed Her efficacy while I was in Medjugorje happened when She gave the November 2, 2015 message. Never had Our Lady said, “love” 15 times in a message. Arriving at the Caritas Mission House I could not stop thinking about how She said “love” 15 times. It was a mystery. Our Lady kept prompting me toward something I didn’t know. Suddenly I told a Community member to look up a certain song out of the blue. I listened to the song. When I played it again, I counted how many times the song said the word “love”. It said the word “love” 15 times!! Our Lady’s Motherly efficacy exposed again: “love” fifteen times in the message and “love” fifteen times in the song. Our Lady put the thought in my heart to count how many times She said “love” when I read the message. She wanted me to find the song. When you find Our Lady, you find love. The song contains the sweetness of Our Lady all through it. Listen below to the beautiful song.

Click Play ▶ and Follow Along

One last thing, in deep gratitude to all of you who sent letters responding to the writing by the Community regarding my heart attack and bypass surgery, I will extend to each of you, by name, Our Lady’s Special Blessing from the Bedroom of Apparitions. See this download here which explains more about Our Lady’s Special Blessing.

With Love and Affection,
Friend of Medjugorje
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i: “I will put enmities between you and the Woman, and thy seed and Her seed. She shall crush thy head and thou shalt lie in wait for Her heel.” Genesis 3:15

The following was written by a Friend of Medjugorje to refute modern scholars scripture changes:

The above translation of Genesis 3:15 is from the Vulgate, the Latin translation of the Bible, translated by St. Jerome beginning in the year 382. satan has caused confusion over this verse in the Bible. Out of 10 Bible translations, three Catholic and seven Protestant, this verse was changed from “she” to “he” except for in two of the Bibles. For over 1000 years, St. Jerome’s translation, as shown above was the official text of the Church, used in the Roman Rite. While some scholarly work is of value; God gave the Bible to man, not to ‘ modern’ scholars who with an attitude of superiority, grant authority to themselves to be changers of Scripture. Genesis 3:15 is a perfect example of scholars invalidating and rationalizing the change of “she” to he will crush thy head…wait for his heel.” The argument scholars use in eliminating “she” is that St. Jerome translated from Hebrew and Greek to Latin, the language of the common man, and that it was a poor translation. Other scholars in the 15th century changed the pronoun to “he” because it was inclusive of both “he and she.” Today’s modern scholars, to be “more inclusive,” are inclined to say, “he or she.” Now there are scholars saying the proper translation is neither “he or she,” but rather “they.” If these scholars are so advanced in their intellect to gerrymander Scripture, why did the Holy Spirit leave Genesis 3:15, as what was stated above, for more than 1000 years? In their arrogance, today’s Scripture scholars, in essence, are stating that the Church was wrong for over 10 centuries, centuries in which the Vulgate influenced the life of the Middle Ages, inspired the Renaissance with its art and architecture, as well as the life and culture of other centuries. This verse is about the Woman, the Holy Virgin Mary, and whether Jerome perfectly translated it from Hebrew and Greek to Latin or not, he (Jerome) had an oral understanding, very close in real time to the inspired writers, which gives even more credibility of knowing “Her” because of living within two or three or so lifetimes from the death of John (John died around the year 100 AD, Jerome was born in 347 AD). So serious was St. Jerome in working on this translation, that he translated the entire Bible within the cave of the Nativity of Jesus in Bethlehem, over the course of 30 years. He wanted to surround himself with the holiness of that Sacred Place and be influenced by the “Word was made Flesh,” as he prayed through his translation, whereas scholars do their work most often in rooms at sterile universities. The Church has always held the tradition in seeing Our Lady in this Bible passage and it is self-evident by the many statues and paintings of the Virgin Mary with Her heel standing on the head of a serpent.

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