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Medjugorje visionary Marija in ecstasy
Medjugorje visionary Marija speaks about Our Lady's apparition in the field of apparitions
Pilgrims recite the consecration of the family in the field of apparitions

Tonight’s apparition was in the Bedroom of Apparitions. Our Lady came at 6:40 p.m. and the apparition lasted for over four minutes. Throughout the afternoon pilgrims came to visit and pray in the Bedroom, leaving not only their prayers and petitions, but their very hearts on the Bed knowing Our Lady would be appearing in a few short hours and wanting their love waiting there for Our Lady upon Her arrival. Six or seven priests were present in the apparition tonight. After the Rosary was prayed, the Consecration for the Family was recited, both in the Field and in the Bedroom, just before Our Lady came in the apparition. Our Lady was strongly felt in the apparition by many who were present in the room. Following is Marija’s description of the apparition:

“During the apparition when Our Lady came, I recommended to Our Lady all of us, all our intentions and Our Lady prayed over us and She blessed us all. She didn’t give some special message, but we always said the presence of Our Lady is the most beautiful message. So also tonight Our Lady came and I don’t know how long She stayed, but She prayed over us and She blessed us. This is all.”

Immediately upon relaying the above to all those in the house, Marija walked to the Field to speak to all the pilgrims, also to tell them about the apparition. Following is what she said:

“We just finished praying with Our Lady and I came to say that Our Lady blessed also all you. And I prayed and asked blessing for all you who are here praying. And for all your objects a blessing. So Our Lady prayed for us a long time and after She blessed us. She didn’t give a special message but She have one surprise for us. Tomorrow Our Lady comes here! Probably She missed you.”
Marija said that Our Lady desired to appear in the Field tomorrow, at the same time, 6:40 p.m. Though this concluded the day’s events, many pilgrims wanted to linger in the Field. Songs were sung for more than an hour, under a starry sky on a mild, spring night. It was a beautiful sight.

Pilgrims climbing to the grotto la pluie at Caritas of Birmingham

Pilgrims climbing to the grotto la pluie at Caritas of Birmingham
Pilgrims climbing to the grotto la pluie at Caritas of Birmingham
Young pilgrim praying rosary at the foot of the grotto la pluie at caritas of birmingham

Today, March 21, 2011, was Grotto Day. This penitential climb is part of making a pilgrimage to Caritas. It is a help to receiving the grace that opens the heart. Many people have told us over the years that the challenging climb up to the Grotto was one of the richest experiences of their life. They see so many parallels to the spiritual life when they are making this climb.

the Tabernacle of Our Lady's Messages

Each morning, all the pilgrims gather in front of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages for announcements and talks. The weather has been beautiful, blue skies and warm temperatures. Those who have come from states in which winter is still very much present, this week in Alabama with Our Lady has been a week of spring for everyone, and a week of conversion.

February 25, 2011

“Dear children! Nature is awakening and on the trees the first buds are seen which will bring most beautiful flowers and fruit. I desire that you also, little children, work on your conversion and that you be those who witness with their life, so that your example may be a sign and an incentive for conversion to others…”

The Five Days of Prayer at Caritas, March 22, 2011

Schedule for Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5:00-6:00 A.M. Silent prayer in the Field
6:30 A.M. Holy Mass at St. Mark’s Catholic Church
9:00 A.M. Prayers and Announcement in front of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages
10:45 A.M. Two Mysteries of the Rosary in the Field
12:00 P.M. Lunch
1:15 P.M. A Friend of Medjugorje will Speak in front of Our Lady’s Tabernacle
3:30 P.M.

Blessing of the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages

6:00 P.M. Meet in the Field for the Rosary in preparation for Our Lady’s Apparition.
6:40 P.M. Time of Our Lady’s Apparition, followed by prayers and singing


Emily waggoner
Valencia, Pennsylvania - USA
I look at these pics and I only wish I could be there so I also can feel the presence of OUR LADY and be at peace .Maybe some day somehow my wishes can be granted soon. ILOVE HER AND HER SON dearly. thank you
Tucson, Arizona - USA
I love reading the messages from Our Lady. Please ask her to bless my grandchildren and keep them healthy of body and mind. I love her so much. Thank you for sharing this site.
Elizabeth Reusch
Brampton, Canada
I love receiving your newsletters. I cannot be in Caritas in body, but am there in spirit. We are so richly blessed by the Presence of Our Heavenly Mother. Thank you so much for your sharing. God bless you Elizabeth
Wadesville, Indiana - USA
Thank you very much Mother Mary for the gift to my daughter on her 14th birthday The gift to experience the most awesome and inspiring gift of being with you in the bedroom during your apparition to Marija. The joy in her smile, her eyes and her voice when I hear her tell about her experience is the most wonderful feeling I could feel as a mother. Knowing Mother Mary touched her heart the way she did that night brings tears of joy to my eyes everytime I think about it. God Bless!
Tina T.
Birmingham, Al, Alabama - USA
Too bad i didn't go that day. The person in the seventh picture is my Aunt. But i only live 10 minutes away from the field and it's always a joy to come, pray, and play with other kids with my cousins. even though i'm 12, it's always good to show Our Lady love.
Dianna Frey
Medicine Hat Ab, Canada
Beautiful and inspirational. Flying is not a priority in our lives, however, to experience what we saw on this web site is encouraging for us to make a flight to wherever Our Lady is appearing. Please keep us informed so we too, have the option to experience these messages in real life. Our Lady of Peace, pray for us and our family. Thank you! Dianna
Covington, Louisiana - USA
I wanted to be in Caritas, God & the Blessed Mother had other plans for me. I follow the happenings on the website but not the detailed daily itinerary. On 3/21 I was prayerfully working in my veg garden when I had a strong urge to dig my Mary garden. With the coaching of the Holy Spirit I did just that and Mary's Garden was dug without taking measurements. I placed the stones along the edge, with one stone left over. I was happy and surprised that it was Grotto day in Caritas. God is so Good!
Isaac Ijjo
Kampala, Uganda
I can just feel the calm,love our mother has for us her children.Praying with them,listening quetly to the desires of their hearts in the mother's bedroom.What else can be a proof of reality than the scene at medjugorye in this secular transactions of the world?May God,s will be done through mother Mary-pray for us who have recourse to thee.
Effie Higgs
Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
My dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, although I cannot be there physically, I am with you all in spitit. I feel your prayers, thank you for your intercession, pictures and updates. May God continue to bless all of you.
La Trinidad, Philippines
PRAISE be to GOD! Thank you very much CARITAS for the updates your sharing to us about
Minni Thomson
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
I am so happy to read daily updates in five days apparitions messages. Our mother mary bless all of us and present our all the intentions to Jesus Christ. God bless all of us, specially all who spent time to prepare this special apparition. Thank you very much.
Lilliemae Nauta
Tacoma, Washington - USA
I so wish I could have joined everyone to experience also what is happening in Caritas. You who are there are so fortunate to experience the apparitions of OUR BLESSED MOTHER. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures, it is just so awesome. God Bless you all.
Gerry Lagasca
Land O Lakes, Florida - USA
Thank you for giving the updates and photos throughout Our Lady's apparitions. It makes me feel that I am with you all. Our Lady of Peace, pray for us.
Hortrencia Nuez
Puebla, Mexico
Blessed people in USA. Not even pilgrims in Medjugorje are granted to experience five consecutive aparitions of Our Lady. Thank you for your "yes" to this call. I am sure through your answer great graces will be spread around the world.
Sue shady
Fairport, New York - USA
I have been with you in spirit and remembering all in my prayers. I appreciate the prayers and graces coming my way also from you. Thank you for the message of hope that you are. God Bless You. Sue Shady
Delores Ann Neumeier
Ozark, 72949, Arakansas - USA
I can.t be there this year I hope to make next year . I have be to Medjugorje about 12 years ago. I hope to get back there also. I watch the sky at the time our lady is coming to see the Light. I so want to be there. May all that are there Let Peace and Love Be, deep with in. In My Prayers
Melbourne, Australia
Great experience. Thanks to Caritas for the update. Welldone. Though far away , am moved by all theses events. Pls pray for me and my family at this time specially that am down , waitng to bring my dauughter with me. Thanks
New Orleans, USA
Thank you so much for sharing....when I was reading the message on Mon, I realized it was 5 min before the apparition was to begin....I ran outside with my rosary and the color swirling around the dancing sun was spectacular.......I was in Caritas the last time Marija came for the 4th of July and it was so wonderful.....I pray for Caritas and Our Lady's mission there..Blessings
Asker, Norway
I have been to Medjugorje last year and it was a wonderful experienced too. I am wishing that someday I would like to visit this place and hopefully it won't be long. Thank you so much for this inspiring spiritual sharing. Please keep me updated for more incoming Religious events. Hail! to our Holy Mother Mary. Love lots x x x
Myrna bunquin
Stamford, Connecticut - USA
I miss this prayer time with you in Caritas, I can't come but my heart and soul are filled with the presence of Mother Mary as I am journeying your activities inCaritas. My experienced last Jul 1-5 of 2009 with the community was really very faith filled experience that I can't explain I know Mother Mary has touched me, Her words and Love I am very well pleased. Thank you sis/bros of Caritas. More power, Keep on I pray for you
Toms River, New Jersey - USA
Thank you for sharing all the pictures and messages of Our Lady. How I long to be there. I love You Blessed Mother.
Maryville, Tn, USA
Blessed Mother, Thank you for hearing and praying with those who could not make the trip to Caritas. Please keep us in your prayers and guide us to know and carry out the Will of your Son Jesus.
Suagrland, Texas - USA
I thank God for His mercies and mother Mary for her love and intercession on our behalf. Could not make Caritas but my Husband(a non-catholic), my son and I did experience the miracle of the sun yesterday at 6:40 pm. It was beautiful and Her golden glow stayed on our windows for several minutes thereafter. What an awesome mother and wife. We thank you.
Rock Island, Illinois - USA
Thank you for such inspirational pictures. The Grotto climb looks amazing. The field is just beautiful with all the candles and flowers. I can feel the "peace and joyfulness" of the moments captured within them! This to me, is miraculous itself. Thank you again for sharing these precious moments with us. My family is with you in our hearts, souls, and prayers. We are saddened that we could not attend this most important visit from Our "Holy Mother Mary". Love, crystal,jon,beth,mikey,alex,amanda
Mrose mallia
Siggiewi Sgw 3014, Malta
Thanks for the update.With your help i can be more closeto you everyday in spirit.HOLLY MOTHER bless my family.Bless the priests and may all the word start beileve in JESUS CHRIST.maryrose.malta.mrose
Tracy Stevenson
Hamilton, Canada
I would also like to thank those who are taking time out of such busy schedules to keep the rest of us who are there in spirit the great blessing of seeing the pictures and reading the updates. This has been a true blessing for me. Praise God! Thank you Holy Mother for being with us and leading us! Yours in Christ Jesus, Tracy.
Long Island, USA
Love and Blessings to you, with me in league with our Blessed Mother. Please pray for me and my family, enduring hardships beyond description now. God bless all you prayer warriors!!
Linda Sisneros
Denver, Colorado - USA
It is so beautiful. I wish I was there to be part of this special event. Thak You dear Mother for all your blessings.
Cynthia broussard
New Iberia, Louisiana - USA
Just returned home and wished so much I could have stayed longer. We were there for the miracle of the sun on March 20th and witnessed the miracle of the sun at Mary's apparition time in New Iberia on the way home. It was wonderful! I looked at my pictures in my camera on returning home, and it appears to be raining host. This was my second time with our Lady and won't be my last. This only strengthened my faith even more. Thanks Marija and Caritas
Plainfield, Illinois - USA
I was called to come here, and, not knowing what to expect, I made plans (took off work, booked the hotel, etc). As the time neared to come, things started to happen to keep me away. So I told Our Mother, "If you want us to go, please let us go" leaving it in her hands. Wow! I am so glad we came! Our Lord said, "You can tell a tree by it fruits." The fruits here are amazing. So is the tree. Thank you, Caritas for this wonderful experience!
St Lucie, Florida - USA
I was in Caritas w/ Pilgrims from Miami. There is no greater blessing then to be on Holy Ground when Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus is visiting. I was blessed with their presence. I didn't see them with my eyes but felt their presence with my heart and mind. I feel so blessed to have received such a beautiful gift. Caritas, you have brought so many people back to Our Lord, the fruits of you obeying Our Lady's "yes" is truly evident in your works! May Our Lady continue to guide and bless you!
Mary M.
Leonardtown,md, USA
Thanking All of you for the daily up date.I can not be there in body ,but my spirit and soul are with you everyday. What a Great Mother we have, given to us by her Son. Praise the Father ,Son ,and Holy Spirit .Amen !! Your Sister In Jesus Christ Mary M. SFO
Plainfield, Illinois - USA
I came to Caritas with my wife. I was skeptical at first. On the first day I was given the grace to see what the community is really about. I saw how beautiful it truly is. As a person still in my own way coming back to the church, this has been an amazing journey. On the second and third days I, like many others was given the gift of The Miracle of the Sun. Showing how incredibly blessed Caritas is. How as a community in faith to Our Blessed Mother, has lead to the conversion of so many souls.
Honolulu, Hawaii - USA
KE AKUA ALOHA!!! In Hawaiian, MAY GOD BE PRAISED!!!!! I was with you in 1999, and in Medjugorje in 1986 and 1988! Mahalo! Thank you for the pictures and messages!!! Pat Reilly
Katy, Texas - USA
Our Lady sent those 6 priests to Caritas! And she will send more. Our Lady sees your love and faithfulness, and love begets only love. Do remember us those who couldn't be there!
Marybeth Albert
Simi Valley, USA
I know how busy all the community members are during this retreat. Thank you for taking the time to keep all of us informed of how beautiful these five days are and all the special graces Our Lady is giving to everyone at Caritas. I am there in spirit-and praying hard all of you!
Joyce ommers
Washington D.c., District of Columbia - USA
Thank you very much Mother Mary for all your prayers for us. Pray that we will remain faithful to you and your Son to the end.