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August 17, 2020 A.D.

“This is a time of great temptation”…“it is a time of great graces”

by a Friend of Medjugorje

Medjugorje visionary Ivan and actor Martin Sheen play basketball in Medjugorje, June 1988

Medjugorje frame from The Lasting Sign, filmed June 1988 - Medjugorje visionary Ivan and actor Martin Sheen play basketball in Medjugorje. Medjugorje visionary Ivan’s witness shines through to us of almost four decades of carrying many crosses. Ivan’s role as a witness, crosses over those who are good and those who are not so good. His mission merits to be imitated of his staying the course to make it through the great time of faith being purified.

Our Lady gave a message through Ivan, on August 15, 2020:

“Dear children, also this evening I bring you Love. Bring love in these troubled times to others. Bring hope, especially to those who are left without hope. Bring peace to all those into whom unrest has entered. Dear children, this is a time of great temptation but at the same time it is a time of great graces; therefore, dear children, welcome this time of trials to be able to come out of this time purified in faith. The Mother prays for each of you and intercedes with her Son for each of you. Thank you dear children because today you have responded to my call.”

Who wants to welcome trials? Do you want that? When the whole world is soiled, we all get some of the dirt on us. It is why we are always to say to ourselves, we are sinners. Peter in the boat said as much, “Depart from me Lord for I am a sinner.” When we see how vile things are, what people are doing in this time of where “unrest has entered”, we must first realize it is because of our failure of convicting others as Christians. The first finger we must point to is ourselves. Our lack of witnessing Christianity manifests into and forms the culture. Therefore, do not wonder why. Our Lady said,

“…welcome this time of trials to be able to come out purified in faith…”

While many are doing evil, it is our, guilty sentence, given to us for not lifting Christ up by our daily living. It is time for us to rid ourselves of “things” not of God so people doing bad things will want things of God.

In the Love of Our Lady,
Friend of Medjugorje
Who is a Friend of Medjugorje?


A Friend of Medjugorje has been working on a special writing for the past six weeks. It is currently on the press and will be released soon. Four weeks ago a Friend of Medjugorje wrote the following statement in this special writing:

“We are being illuminated by Our Lady’s messages. We are in a ‘trial run’ of what it will be like before Christ comes in His Second Coming…”

Our Lady said Friday, August 15, 2020:

“…welcome this time of trials…”

Our Lady inspires the thoughts and writings of a Friend of Medjugorje and then confirms them later. This is only one example of something a Friend of Medjugorje has written in this upcoming writing that Our Lady has confirmed weeks later. We share this with you in anticipation of the upcoming release of this special writing…the second example is a surprise within the writing.

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