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Last night’s apparition was very powerful for those in the Bedroom when Our Lady appeared, and many in the Field told us the same.

We have been very touched by the outpouring of feedbacks being sent from around the world by those of you who are closely following the events of Our Lady’s apparitions here. To know that there are multitudes of hearts from around the world who are praying for greater graces to be attached to these Five Days of Prayer is truly inspiring. At our morning gathering time, we have read aloud some of your feedbacks to the pilgrims who have been blessed to attend these apparitions of Our Lady. They also have been very touched to know you have been praying for all of them. It has encouraged all those present here to remember all those who couldn’t be here in their prayers as well. So many of the flowers and candles that are adorning the sites where Our Lady is appearing have come from you, who couldn’t attend this Caritas event. Please know your intentions are being remembered to Our Lady in all the apparitions, and throughout our daily prayers. (You can still send written petitions to be placed directly in Our Lady’s presence.)

pilgrim praying in the field of apparitions

Our Lady gave to us a beautiful story to share with you, that will assure you that She also is hearing your prayers from this sacred place of Her apparitions. On the first day of the apparitions here, March 19, we met a young woman who was formally from Africa, but is now living in the States. She and her companion, while driving to Caritas that first morning, were stunned to see the sun dancing, with a multitude of colors shooting out from all directions. They had heard of the sun dancing by others who have gone to Medjugorje, but had never experienced anything like this themselves. They wanted to speak to someone who could confirm to them that what they had witnessed was this special phenomenon associated with Medjugorje. In the course of our conversion, the girl told us that her sister, who still lives in Africa, contacted her a couple of days ago. Her sister has a child who is very ill with a future that is not certain. On the phone her sister told her that she had just had a dream. In the dream the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to her and said to her, “Wait until after March 19th.” Nothing else was said and the dream ended. The sister in Africa did not know that her sister in the United States was attending an event in which the Virgin Mary would be appearing to one of the Medjugorje visionaries, and that the event began on March 19th. Tears came to the girl’s eyes as she relayed this story to us. The dancing sun that they had witnessed on the morning of March 19th was an added sign to increase their hope in God’s intervention.

Later that same day, as the time of Our Lady’s apparition grew nearer, a few community members were sent out to the Field to randomly choose, out of the several thousand pilgrims that were gathered, a dozen or so pilgrims who were invited to attend the apparition in the Bedroom. One community member approached the young women above, without knowing her story and the story of her sister. Immediately upon hearing the invitation, she began to cry. There could be no doubt that Our Lady was orchestrating these events. After the apparition in the Bedroom, the girl, still very moved, told Marija her story. “Wait until after March 19th.” We hope to one day hear what manifested in the lives of these two sisters and the child for whom the two were praying for.

We have received feedbacks from India, Norway, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Malta, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Belize, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Ireland, Philippines, and other countries everyday, as well as from many of the states of our own nation. Know that Our Lady sees you, is hearing your prayers, is praying for you, and is sending blessings of grace and healing from Her apparitions here, to you who have united your hearts to Hers in following the daily events of Her time at Caritas.

pilgrim praying in the field of apparitions

Sometimes, Our Lady allows us to learn of a story, such as the two sisters from Africa above, in order to press upon all of our hearts that She is truly present to everyone who is praying to Her and who have put their trust in Her, even if you were not able to attend these apparitions, or do not see a way of ever being able to go to Medjugorje. Be united in prayer at the moment Our Lady appears tonight in the Field. We share this story to give you greater confidence that all of you who are watching these events from afar, and are participating through joining your prayers and sacrifices to ours in the Bedroom and the Field, that Our Lady sees also your hearts here, and is hearing your intentions. She is the Good Mother who wishes to comfort also those of Her children who long to be near to Her, but who could not be here physically for these special days of grace at Caritas, or are unable to go to Medjugorje. May this knowledge bring you joy and peace, and know that you are in our prayers as well.

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