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Today is the 25th of the month, the day Our Lady of Medjugorje gives a message for the world through Marija. Also, today is the feast of Saint James. The Croatian Mass began with a procession of the statue of Saint James from the church and the Mass took place at the local park outside. The weather was sunny, cool and breezy. A very beautiful day.

The apparition for the 25th message took place at Marija’s Chapel of the Two Hearts. The apparition was preceded by two rosaries, with singing between the decades. Our Lady came about 6:42 pm and the apparition lasted about 5 minutes. Immediately after the apparition, Marija went by herself into the adjoining room to write down the message. A song to Our Lady was sung, and another decade of the rosary prayed while waiting for Marija to come out.

medjugorje visionary marija

Medjugorje visionary, Marija, kneels before Our Lady in the apparition today, July 25, 2010. Though we see only a statue, she is looking into the actual eyes of the Mother of God. Today being the 25th of the month, Marija received the monthly message to the world in her Chapel of the Two Hearts.


Marija began by reading the message in Croatian. Her voice was peaceful as she spoke slowly the words given by Our Lady just moments before. She then gave a rough translation in Italian. Afterwards Marija left with the translators to begin the process of translating Our Lady’s message for all the languages present.


procession in medjugorje

The church celebrates the feast of the apostle St. James, today, July 25th. As he is the patron for the parish of Medjugorje, it is a major feast day in which families gather together, businesses close down, and thousands of Croatians from the surrounding areas flood in. Before the 11:00 a.m. Croatian Mass, a procession makes its way through the streets of Medjugorje to honor and call upon the intercession of St. James.


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