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October 22, 2020 A.D.

“The responsibility we have right now, is more grave than anything in 2,000 years with the birth of the Church itself. And Our Lady gives us a period of time to prepare for Divine Intervention. ”

- Friend of Medjugorje
Talk to Caritas Pilgrims October 21, 2020

It has been a truly exceptional pilgrimage, praying at Holy Sites and spending time with pilgrims here at Caritas. Besides the pilgims who would visit Caritas every day, or for the monthly Patriotic Rosary, this is the first pilgrim group we have had the joy to be with, since Coronavirus broke out in March of this year.

Pilgrims praying in the Bedroom of Apparitions, Caritas of Birmingham, October 21, 2020

(Caritas photo, Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 2:11 PM) - A visit to Caritas would not be complete without a visit to the Bedroom of Apparitions, the primary place where Our Lady has chosen to appear and give messages, pointing the way for the renewal and rebirth of the family. Here above, a portion of the pilgrim group spends time in silent prayer at this Holy Place.

Here is short testimony from a pilgrim yesterday, Wednesday, October 21, 2020:

“A number of years ago, I heard God say to me ‘the truth will set you free. Don’t you want to be free?’ I started asking what is truth? What does it look like, sound like? I’ve been seeing the word TRUTH in many places in the Bible. Today, a Friend of Medjugorje prayed for the pilgrims, ’May Mary open their hearts to TRUTH.’ We hear so many lies around us everywhere; I too ask Mary to open my heart to truth; TRUTH is spoken here. Please Mary, open my heart to cooperate with God’s truth, through You, here at this God appointed place, at this providential time.”


Thank you to all who are praying for the Caritas pilgrim here right now. We have got a number of requests for more pilgrimages in the future, and we will be planning more of these guided pilgrimages to Caritas in the future.
Caritas of Birmingham
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