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June 28, 2012 A.D.

The healthcare law was upheld by the Supreme Court today as Constitutional. This decision puts the whole Church in a “great conflict.” This conflict has consequences that are unseen for most Christians, most of the Church, and many others. Everyone can say that the healthcare law was made Constitutional as a tax, but this is “murder for hire” that we will be paying for people’s abortions. The repercussions of this will be as a shot heard around the world. The book, They Fired the First Shot 2012, will be finished in the next week and a half. When you read it, you will see the timing of its release is as though it was Divinely scheduled. Be ready to spread it everywhere, every place, to every person you know, and even every person you don’t know. Pray for this book. It is the instruction manual as to where we go from here. They Fired the First Shot 2012 will likely be the most important book for entering into what is before us. Pray for a wave of grace to be attached to this book. Pray for the July 4th consecration of our nation in Our Lady’s presence, and spread to people all the more to come to the Field of Apparitions for this consecration. Pack up, change your schedules, do whatever you have to do for our nation. The timing of this Supreme Court decision and completion of They Fired the First Shot 2012 just before Our Lady’s coming to our nation and its consecration to Her speaks to us loud and clear of the evil that’s ruling over us. The court's ruling, the book, and Our Lady's coming, converging together at the time time, shows that we need Her. We have to have Her. Because for the first time since the beginning of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and now the 3rd peril that George Washington talked about, the fate of our nation is in jeopardy. This is it. They Fired the First Shot 2012. What do we do now?
Caritas of Birmingham
Operated by the Community of Caritas

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