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Updated February 9, 2016 A.D.
9:50 am CST

We’re Below $20,000!
Only $19,554 to Go

We are down to $19,554 left to close out the 2016 budget! Thank you for those who have given the $80,446! These funds are the minimum needed to keep Caritas’ site online, improving and expanding for 2016. Please, if you have not given or can afford to give again, help to close this out this week! There is no site like It has a whole war-machine behind it: the people, the Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages, logistics and many more parts that make it the #1 site to go to for conversion and learning about Our Lady’s messages, and as your tool to spread them to the whole world. Without this backing, would need a budget of $600,000 plus, to be where it is.

We cannot drag out this campaign. A large number of people use this site regularly, and there is always in many, a false security that the money will be raised so, “I don’t have to worry about it,” which keep goals from being reached. You cannot depend that everyone else will give. A successful site like, sometimes cripples itself with a mentality that others will give. It won’t happen if you are the “other” that doesn’t give. Please give something in the next 3 days to finish the 2016 budget and we promise that you will see the result through the coming months and be consoled that you were glad to be a part of all the new uses for your and “other’s” daily life. Thank you very much.

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