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Updated January 16, 2012 A.D. is the official Medjugorje website, operated by Caritas of Birmingham, a non-profit. The Community of Caritas, a lay religious community devoted only to the Medjugorje messages, operates and runs Caritas of Birmingham. Caritas of Birmingham’s sole focus is the propagation of the Medjugorje messages and to show how to transmit them into life. It is the largest Medjugorje center in the world. Caritas had already been in operation since 1986, when, five years later, the lay community was established. It resulted through an apparition in which the Virgin Mary made known to Marija, one of the six Medjugorje visionaries, that She wished to establish a community. The community in Alabama is located between two mountains in a valley at the end of the Appalachians. Marija Lunetti, who still sees Our Lady daily, has visited the Holy Site in Alabama many times, having had over 146 apparitions of the Queen of Peace.


The Tabernacle of Our Lady’s Messages is the operation’s center made with stain glass and stone, housing the mission of Caritas. This three-story, 35,000 square foot facility includes a full graphics and printing facility, distribution center, an auditorium and administration meeting spaces and three small chapels. Many recognize Caritas as the largest Medjugorje center of its kind in the world. And now its latest development is,


What is originally came online, as, unannounced on June 25, 2006. turned into a redirect name and works for billboards & many other projects to promote what has happened in the village of Medjugorje, helping to make Medjugorje more known around the world. September was its first official month of operation. It received 47,000 hits for its first month, ranking much higher than was expected, since it was only spread by word of mouth. October, not yet over, was even more of a surprise, breaking the 100,000 mark with over 166,000 hits! started off as a project called Project Wave. Five individuals, with a support group of 25 individuals, for three months, moved into a large Florida beach home on the ocean at St. Joseph’s Bay to pray, think-tank, and evolve a Medjugorje website in a way that has not been conceived. The founder of Caritas, known as a Friend of Medjugorje, is spear-heading the project, with many plans for its future. Project WaveTM was its code name while work quietly went on behind the scenes for the last 5 years, conceptualizing what the site’s purpose and function would be, in addition to a great deal of preprogramming. Project Wave TM stands for ‘W’orldwide ‘AVE’ – hence the word W-AVE because its mission and purpose is to make available Our Lady’s messages and Her guidance towards a way of life, while at the same time covering the events of Medjugorje as it unfolds, especially making Medjugorje available to avenues not yet reached worldwide, as a wave sweeps the world.


Praying everyday at the oceanside and watching the ocean waves gave a wealth of thoughtful reflection of what Our Lady would want through Project Wave. Project Wave began construction Jan. – March, 2004, and went quietly online on June 25, 2006. The first month of official operations for the new website was September 2006.

Caritas of Birmingham's twenty-five years of mission work, dedicated to Medjugorje and Our Lady will make a multimillion dollar site making available millions of dollars of production, including materials and books, much of which will eventually be downloads – free and instantly accessible to anyone in the world. The founder’s plans for will be the most comprehensive, extensive, in-depth look at Medjugorje to help fulfill Our Lady’s desire for the conversion of the world. The site may be updated even several times a day. Several main features include the highly specialized program “search the message,” which was written and is available at the home page. “Search the messages” functions in many ways, for the researching of Our Lady’s messages, as well as the function “pick a random message,” which picks at random a message for you each day. Another special feature is Medjugorje Headlines TM which also is presently in operation. More features will be added as programming and designs are completed. is not a facade, with little behind it, but has the backing of the whole operation of Caritas of Birmingham and years of prayer and planning. Presently, six people work full time for, from programming to designing, with fulltime Caritas people in Medjugorje covering and updating from the village of Medjugorje. In addition, a support staff of ten more people through the Community of Caritas which has an active part in building Please remember in your prayers as it grows. While's backing of materials is from Caritas, its daily operation and expansion must be supported by those who use it. Inform all those you know about is limited in its ability to stay online without funding. If every user commits to prayer and donation for, the plans that we have on the “drawing board,” through God’s grace, will give, not only an introduction to people throughout the world of Our Lady’s messages and its way of life, but will open the possibility of incomprehensible massive numbers of conversions, among the 6.5 billion children of Our Lady in the world today. We ask each of you, as a user, to please commit to only 14 cents a day, $1.00 per week, or $52 a year. This will burden almost no one and the vast plans for will give back to you more than you would even imagine through what will be implemented in the next month and crucial years to come. Thank you, and please do not think that such a small donation cannot impact. A pail of water is made up of many drops. With several people on full time payroll, we need your little drop to keep online. Thank you again. Become a Core Group Member by committing to 14 cents a day, $1 week, or $52 a year, and be a part of the foundation for who will form the group who will carry Our Lady of Medjugorje’s messages to millions, even in the future to billions. Accept the privilege of being one of those who are chosen to bring the message to millions of people. You cannot imagine how so little effort will turn into such eternal reward for you.

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