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I would just like to share with you a funny encounter that I had with a woman some months ago. I was attending a one day workshop, a one day conference on stewardship. I was sitting beside this wife, mother, grandmother, a very nice lady. We got to chatting together during the coffee break, and then after a minute she discovered that she was talking to a priest. The body language changed. The eyebrows arched and the lower jaw dropped about an inch, and she crossed her arms. She said to me, “Are you really a priest?” I said, “I am.

Todays homily is a beautiful homily of Jesus, the power of God, the power and the movement of His heart towards a widow who loves her only son. It parallels, in a sense, Mary, looking at Mary underneath the cross, losing Her only Son. And what She must have went through. The woundedness that we hear, remember Simeon said a sword will pass through your heart so that the thoughts of many will be revealed. Many of us here today have wounds on our hearts. Many of us here have old scars, battle scars, spiritual scars that we come to Medjugorje to lay down. Go up the mountain with our bare-feet, to look at a place where Our Lady came, and still comes to this day.

Many wonder what it is like to be in a daily apparition with one of the visionaries. Tonight, at Marija’s Chapel of Two Hearts, a large Italian group met at Marija’s Chapel, along with several Croatian villagers from Medjugorje, as well as pilgrims from Australia and some from America. There was a large youth group in attendance, so Marija actually led the Rosary herself tonight. Normally she allows those who bring the groups to lead the Rosary. She prayed the mysteries of the Rosary out loud and then offered for others to pray the actual decade.

I greet you all. I am very happy that you are all here. And I’m sure of something else; that you are not here by accident. You are here because Our Lady invited all of you to be here. You are here because Our Lady wished you to be so. A friend of mine, who is a priest, once said something that I like very much. Our encounters here in Medjugorje, they have been prepared for centuries by Our Lord. Those who may think they are here by pure coincidence, it is not at all the case. We are here because Our Lady wants us here.

When I come to Medjugorje, I really take time to think about my vocation. The other night when I heard Our Lady speak about pray for vocations,(see July 16, 2007 Medjugorje Headlines) I wonder how seriously we take that. I want you to understand a little about vocations. We have a number of them here (pointing to a number of priests sitting on the altar), but not enough.

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