Medjugorje Witness

Wy would anyone walk on their knees up this mountain? Has this woman gone mad? Why would anyone do such a harsh thing? You say because of the cross. An Indian once said, “You say your God became a man and other men killed him. Man cannot kill God.” This statement, of a mind who doesn’t believe, is true. This statement, for one who believes, is true. But both cannot be true.

Mystical, ethereal, a feeling of “I can’t believe I’m standing on this spot,” often overwhelms one who climbs this mountain Our Lady said was a ‘Mount Tabor.’ The Holy Virgin Mary said:


Since 1988, in this home in Alabama, the Holy Virgin Mary has appeared almost 100 times and given so many messages through Her apparitions it caused Marija to say, “Not even in Medjugorje is Our Lady giving daily messages like here.” The Bedroom of Apparitions has been a source of strength, hope and conversion, not only for visitors, but for countless souls around the world just by learning what Our Lady did here.

When, O Christian, has there been a more glorious time to be alive?

We share with you a letter sent to us from Field Angels in Ohio who attended our Five Days of Prayer December, 2002. We had a chance to get to know them a little more personally during their time with us. It takes real courage to make certain changes in the family these days.

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