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There is a song that we, in the Community of Caritas, play every year on Thanksgiving Day that reminds us so much of Our Lady. The song is called “The Gift”. Though it is a secular song and one that could be taken as a love song, the words strongly suggest what Our Lady has done for us in our lives. On Thanksgiving Day, we finish the day with a Rosary of thanksgiving for the gift God has given in sending us His Mother all these years, and then we play the song.

Every now and then, out of Medjugorje, comes a story that is truly remarkable. Caritas has a true Christmas story that is almost as beautiful as Christmas itself...

I wish to welcome everyone. My greatest desire when I’m talking to you about Our Lady‘s messages here is that I help you to fall in love with Our Lady and Her messages. You know it‘s been 25 years since Our Lady has been appearing every single day. And even today Our Lady has been appearing every single day. And personally I accept this as a great grace for me but also for all those people who have been coming to Medjugorje. Because you can really see and feel that Our Lady wishes all well.


For anyone who knows at least a little of the connection between the Blessed Virgin Mary and the birth of the United States of America, it is thrilling to reflect upon this signpost in our nation’s history...


Yesterday, most of us here heard a most inspiring talk from Fr. Jozo, a holy man who spoke to us in a very simple, but utterly convincing, way of the miracles that have taken place through Our Lady’s intercession here at Medjugorje. And of the miracle which is Medjugorje itself. And it’s only our faith that enables us to recognize these extraordinary events as miracles, interventions from God. To the unbelievers, they are at best, strange happenings for which there is no explanation.

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