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Father Jozo Zovko, the first parish priest of Medjugorje at the time of the first apparitions, thinks that this call to “each one of us to save mankind” concerns particularly and primarily each pilgrim who comes to Medjugorje...

Marija experiences a type of frustration in trying to explain Our Lady because she sees something in a way that is not possible to express.

The following is the second part of Mirjana’s talk on November 4, 2009 where she answered questions that the pilgrims present asked her.

What are the visionaries really like? What do they do when they are away from the public? How do they act? The following description by a friend of Marija’s about an event involving her may give you some insights into the above questions.

From Medjugorje Inner Locutionist Jelena
Vasilj: Often times we complain about young people when we say that they are not listening, they are not following. But young people probably don’t have very strong models. They don’t hear a very strong voice...

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