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Every now and then, out of Medjugorje, comes a story that is truly remarkable. Caritas has a true Christmas story that is almost as beautiful as Christmas itself...


A True Christmas Story

Every now and then, out of Medjugorje, comes a story that is truly remarkable. Caritas has a true Christmas story that is almost as beautiful as Christmas itself. While we are printing this in a factual manner, it might be special to gather the children around the Christmas tree or Nativity set and relate this in a story form. On several occasions, Marija has told the following to pilgrims in Medjugorje...

“As you know, Our Lady comes every Christmas with Baby Jesus. But one particular Christmas, something special happened. Our Lady was speaking to and praying with us while Baby Jesus lay in Her arms, hidden from our view. But then Jesus raised His hand and started to play with Our Lady's veil, just as any child would do. His tiny hand just kept playing with it. After awhile, we saw little Baby Jesus slowly and shyly poke His head over the veil. First we saw His eyes, then His face. He looked straight at us. We could tell He was a new-born baby; He had rosy-red cheeks. While looking, He smiled at us! It was beautiful! Little Jesus then hid again behind Our Lady's arms and veil. But then a second time, He peeked up over the veil and looked at us before ducking back behind His little cover. We then realized little Baby Jesus was playing ‘peek-a-boo’ with us. A third time, Baby Jesus peeked around and looked at us. Of course, this was becoming a great joy for us! This time He looked at us, smiled, and winked at us. This moment so touched us that it wounded our hearts. We knew He was a new born baby and infants cannot do this. But at the moment Jesus looked at us and winked, we understood while Baby Jesus stared at us and we stared back at Him, we were really looking at God....the Savior”


During the Christmas season, it’s nice to ponder what the Star of Bethlehem looked like. How bright was it? What did people think about when they saw it? To be in Medjugorje on a cool, clear star-lit night reminds one of Bethlehem. To be close to the visionaries and many of the beautiful miracles, one's thoughts are often carried back 2,000 years to Jesus' days.

In the early years of the apparitions in Medjugorje, on the feast of the Assumption, there was one such apparition on the mountain that made many people think and feel a little touch of what it might have been like to be there with the shepherds on Christmas night or to see and feel the excitement experienced by the three kings. Marija, the visionary, was on the mountain for the apparition and the following is her description:

“We were praying in preparation for Our Lady to appear. Naturally, we, along with the many who joined us, looked up at the night sky. But this night, we noticed something strange. The sky was full of stars, but what made it so unusual was even though there are thousands of stars visible on any clear night, these stars were stars we had never seen before. There were thousands upon thousands of them. Each star looked different, each with its own radiance. It was not only I who saw these stars, but everyone present. We prayed and when Our Lady came, I saw the stars change into angels, thousands of them, all with Our Lady! Big ones, little ones, every angel different -it was a beautiful sight! The night sky was filled with them all and Our Lady, Queen of the Angels.”

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