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pilgrims-stations of-the-cross-cross-mountain-medjugorje

Cross Mountain’s trail, October 23, 2006 12:22 PM - A few Caritas pilgrims contemplating while climbing.



Cross Mountain, countless angels certainly abound in Medjugorje, ever watchful over the pilgrims. This angle view, peaking through the brush, helps us to understand that Medjugorje is a porthole where angels descend to earth, back and forth to Heaven. Jacob fell asleep in a field and saw a ladder where angels were ascending and descending, and he called it “Bethel,” an abode of God. How much more then, can we say, that Medjugorje is an abode of God. The visionaries have regularly seen angels coming with Our Lady, up and down, and sometimes in a number of countless thousands. Medjugorje, an abode of God, where angels are always peeking out from somewhere, looking over your soul for Our Lady. Who would not want to go in this time of grace?

With all the angels and
Our Lady as their Queen,

Friend of Medjugojre