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Today, September 9, 2010 Medjugorje visionary Ivanka spoke about her encounters with Our Lady. Ivanka relates, ‘There are no words on earth to describe the love and beauty that radiates from Our Lady. Our Lady pours forth Her inner peace, Her Motherly warmth and the blessing of God, which envelopes me.’

Medjugorje Visionary Ivanka

Medjugorje visionary Ivanka who stopped seeing Our Lady on a daily basis in 1985, now sees Our Lady only once a year on June 25, the anniversary of the apparitions.

Ivanka, one of the six visionaries of Medjugorje was the first to see Our Lady on June 24, 1981. Our Lady stopped appearing to her on a daily basis as of 1985. In the recent years Ivanka has begun to speak more about her experience with Our Lady.

Today, Ivanka relayed that Our Lady stresses the importance of the Sacrament of Marriage, family prayer, Holy Mass and monthly confession. Ivanka said, ‘The man who wants to change his life must go to confession so his heart can be purified. He must attend Holy Mass and receive Jesus and encounter His Light and Grace through the Eucharist. Do not distance yourselves from Jesus. Open your hearts to Jesus and do not be afraid of the future.’ Ivanka said that she prays daily for the families of the world and she asked for us to pray for our families as well.

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