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In the many times that Marija has been in America, there has been many opportunities for her to tell about the apparitions and her experiences with Our Lady. When she was asked where she had learned Italian so well, Marija answered, “In 1983, on my birthday, Our Lady gave me the gift of Italian as a birthday present during the apparition.” A priest asked her, “Did you know any Italian before?” Marija answered, “No.” He then asked, “How well do you know the Italian language? Marija then said, “When I left the apparition, I knew it as well as my native tongue and I could speak it fluently.”

The following is also a story Marija told:

“I was praying in my room one morning when suddenly I had a vision of a white flower of such beauty as I have never seen before. It then wilted and drooped as if dead. I felt a deep sadness, because this flower had such beauty. Suddenly I saw a large drop above the flower which then fell directly on the head of the drooping flower. It then gradually opened up, radiating its former beauty. The flower then disappeared. I thought about it but then finished praying.

Later, during an apparition on Apparition Mountain, I asked Our Lady about the vision. Our Lady told me:

“The flower was the image of man’s soul. It flowers and opens out in the grace of God. But when man sins, the soul withers and wilts. The drop is the symbol of God’s grace. The soul wilting in sin will blossom out with the grace through Confession and true repentance.”

“The Sacrament of Confession should be lived in the joy of an encounter with God.”

Another story was related to us by a friend of Marija. Before Marija was married, she went on pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, etc., with some friends. They were traveling by car from Madrid, Spain, and as apparition time drew near, they looked for an appropriate place to receive Our Lady’s apparition. The road was very barren and bad and nowhere seemed quite right. The following is an account given by one of Marija’s friends who was traveling with her.

“As we drove from Madrid, it was difficult to find a location for the apparition. We saw a small tree and parked to prepare ourselves by prayer. We had no image of Mary with us other than a small one from Fatima. We were all laughing, because the area was like a desert. We laughed and said, ‘This is no place to receive Our Lady.’ Since we had no better one, we nestled the image in the branches and began to pray the Rosary earnestly to prepare for Our Lady. But, still, we could not keep from laughing because the situation was so funny. There were so many bugs! Then Our Lady appeared to Marija who told us that Our Lady appeared laughing too. Our Lady prayed for us and blessed us. For us, it was very special to know that Our Lady was laughing too.


Marija and Jakov during an apparition of Our Lady Queen of Peace of Medjugorje in the Rectory on October 6, 1986.

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