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September 30, 2010

The Caritas pilgrimage group now in Medjugorje climbs Cross Mounatin. The climb, something that has to be experienced.

Caritas Pilgrims September 30, 2010

Caritas pilgrims on the September-October Medjugorje pilgrimage meet before beginning their ascent up Cross Mountain. The trek up Cross Mountain is one of the most powerful experiences of the pilgrimage. For many it is truly the walk up Golgotha, where one can carry their loved ones, as well as their problems to the top and leave them with Jesus.

Caritas Pilgrims September 30, 2010

Third station, Jesus falls the first time. As the Caritas group makes its way up the mountain, they pray the Stations of the Cross. The intensity of the experience of the Stations of the Cross is something that can not be understood without having experienced it personally. Many have said that they truly felt as though they are walking with Jesus and Our Lady as they climbed.

Caritas Pilgrims September 30, 2010

The Caritas group stops at each Station of the Cross, praying the station and picking a message of Our Lady from Words from Heaven. It’s as though Our Lady is speaking directly to each individual present. Caritas has always said that every person is hand-picked by Our Lady for each Medjugorje pilgrimage, and the climb up Cross Mountain binds you closer together as a group. Helping hands are extended for those who are having trouble climbing, and no one is left behind. A Friend of Medjugorje has always instructed the Caritas Community group leaders, that if anyone in the pilgrimage group wants to make it to the top, we’ll make sure you get there.

Caritas Pilgrims September 30, 2010

The youngest member of the Caritas pilgrimage group enjoys her climb up Cross Mountain. Baby Mirjana at 18 months old shows us that you are never too young to be a pilgrim, and contrasting her is our oldest pilgrim who is 82 years old, who also made the climb, showing us that you are never too old to be a pilgrim. To Our Lady, each of us is Her child no matter how old, and we are beloved to Her. Our Lady has often said how much it pleases Her when we come to Medjugorje. The Mother is always happy to see Her children.

Caritas Pilgrims September 30, 2010

The Caritas pilgrimage group makes its final ascent to the Cross. Our Lady in Medjugorje told us in Her messages that She is often at the foot of the Cross, praying to Her Son to forgive the world its sins. Reaching this place is well worth the climb, with all its hardships and struggles, ultimately, it is at the Cross that we unburden our hearts.

Caritas Pilgrims September 30, 2010

Here, above the world, at the foot of the Cross, you give everything to God. Our Lady said around March 1985, that we need to “pull out” our sins when we pray. Here at the Cross is where you “pull out” everything: sins, struggles, family crisis, marriage problems, health problems, emotional problems. Here at the Cross, you give to God your joys, expectations, desires. Everything here is left in the hands of God. At the mountain top, you ‘feel’ closer to God. And why not? For again, it is here that Our Lady in Medjugorje told us She prays often; and so this special place, where millions have visited and prayed is a place of unburdening your heart, a place that must be visited to understand, a place the Mother calls you.

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