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Continuation of Mirjana May 3, 2011 Talk

Question: I am so happy to see you and I will pray for you every day, all of the visionaries, and I would ask you how do you, who see the Blessed Mother who lives in Heaven, how do you manage between these apparitions – it must be beautiful to be with the Blessed Mother – and then for a whole month not to be with Her. How do you manage?

This is why I have asked you to please pray for us visionaries. We pray for you everyday. We ask you to please pray for us so that we can do all that Our Lady wants from us in the right proper way. It is so easy to make a mistake. So if you pray for us and we pray for you, we shall continue being pleasing to the Blessed Mother. Yesterday, (May 2) for example, after Our Lady came, I have only the strength to say the message of the Blessed Mother. My friend is next to me and he writes down the message. I am not able to write because my hands are shaking. I withdraw myself to my room and I pray, one hour, two hours, three hours, four hours – for how long I do not know. I need to pray. I cry. It is not easy. It is very difficult. And to help you understand better what I am talking about. I have two daughters. As a mother, I would give my life for my daughters, but when I am with the Blessed Mother, my daughters do not exist. There is just a desire that Our Lady takes me with Her. So can you imagine what a pain it is when the Blessed Mother goes away and I see that I am here. Only God, through prayer, helps me to return, to return to this life, to the reality of this world. It is really hard. Without God, it would be impossible.

I am a priest for 54 years. Can you imagine the responsibility on my shoulders? Being a priest for 54 years, the prayers. The words that you spoke this morning really moved me, touched my heart. And I am so grateful for these prayers for priests. Please ask God that all of us priests may realize the greatness of dignity that priests have received from God. We are not priests for ourselves, we are priests for the Church, for you. God gives great dignity to each priest. So I am asking for your prayers.

Question: I wanted to ask, I know a boy whose name is Stephano, and he has a tumor and his parents don’t believe. And if you can pray for that boy.

Of course I am going to pray for him with all my heart, but you are an angel. And you know that boy. God put you in his life and you to have to pray for him and for his parents. Okay?

I am a priest, a religious. I come from Latin America. In Latin America we see a reality of that continent also in fighting sometimes with the Protestants. They are speaking against the Blessed Mother. So I look at them. The Blessed Mother says something? Is it possible to answer?

All I can say is what I know. Many of you have observed too, when you read the messages of the Blessed Mother, that Our Lady never says that I will do or I will give you or I can. She never speaks that way. She always says, pray so that I can pray for you before my Son. She is never on the first place. When She speaks of priests, She is even behind priests. She is not looking for glory, for fame. She wants all the glory for God. We have received Jesus through Mary. So we are going to see the face of Jesus again and Mary is here to help. We cannot exclude Mary. It is impossible. We don’t have Protestants here. I remember once I had American pilgrims in my house and there was a man in my group who immediately upon arrival said, “I am a Protestant.” I said, “Okay, I am Catholic.” And he asked me, “Do you know what it means to be a Protestant?” I said, “No, not really because there are no Protestants in my country. But I know that you always protest against something.” So he never said anything for a few days. But every time when I was serving him soup or anything, I would say, “I would like to serve you this soup, but I am afraid that you are going to protest.” So I was teasing him all the time. After a week, he hugged me and said “I have to thank God. I found Mother. I realized here what does it mean, the love of a mother. I realized what I was missing all the years of my life.” So if you have Protestants around – just our example, example, example can help. Only that – don’t fight, no discussions. Our Lady does not want discussions, disputes, no. She wants us to answer with love, with joy so that others in our life, our attitudes may get to know Mary, to get to know how beautiful it is to have Her as a mother and to have God as our Father.

Mirjana ended her talked with a Hail Mary and asked the priest present to give all those present their blessing.

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