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September 16, 2010 Medjugorje visionary Ivanka

Regarding the Ten Secrets of Medjugorje, visionary Ivanka revealed today, "When it comes to the secrets, the six of us visionaries know one secret that is the same, and that is the Sign which will appear on Podbrdo.” After a pause she said, “The other secrets may be the same or not. I do not know.”

Medjugorje Visionary Ivanka, Thursday September 16, 2010

Medjugorje visionary Ivanka was the second of the six to stop seeing Our Lady on a daily basis. Ivanka has on several occasions been allowed by Our Lady to see her mother, who died a few months before the apparitions began in 1981.

Ivanka was given the tenth secret on May 7, 1985. This was the date of her last daily apparition. During her last daily apparition, Ivanka was again allowed to see her mother who died a few months before the apparitions began. In Ivanka’s last daily apparition, which lasted over an hour, Our Lady told her, “You have accomplished everything.” Now, Ivanka receives her annual apparition on June 25th, the anniversary of the apparition when the six Medjugorje visionaries saw Our Lady together for the first time in 1981.

The cloak of secrecy regarding the Ten Secrets is something Our Lady has asked all the visionaries of Medjugorje to maintain, even amongst themselves. Again, during Ivanka’s last daily apparition Our Lady told her, “What I have told you during these years on the secrets, do not speak to anyone about them.”

The Medjugorje visionaries always choose not to focus so much on the secrets, but to invite everyone to convert as soon as possible and not to delay. Our Lady’s apparitions, are for us a grace to convert now, while there is still time.

Ivanka ended her public testimony today by reminding those gathered that this time is a time of grace. She said, “Heaven opens every single day for us and speaks to us by Our Lady coming to earth.” She said we must now make the decision to respond to Our Lady.

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Pilgrims listening attentively to Ivanka speak

With the constant flow of pilgrims coming to Medjugorje these days, the visionaries are often speaking to the pilgrims about their experiences with Our Lady. These testimonies of the visionaries offer their glimpse of 'Heaven' through Our Lady, and bring hope to many throughout the world.