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Wednesday March 14, 2007


The following is to be read to help prepare you for the new book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping. It is a segment of a Caritas booklet entitled Whose Opinion is Right - The Painful Truth. We ask you to pray before reading this. The following will change much of your outlook on life. Deep prayer to the Holy Spirit is necessary to grasp what it is God wishes to tell you through what you are about to read. Sincerely praying to the Holy Spirit before reading will more deeply bring the presence of the Holy Spirit and Our Lady in a powerful way.

Whose opinion is right? How are opinions formed? How do we conclude which opinion to adopt?

Today, people make their decisions based on what they “feel” is right. Everyone wants to do what is right for himself. Everyone has an opinion about what is right and what is wrong. Many ask, “Who is anyone to tell another how to live or what is right?” “How dare you tell me what values to have?” “Who do you think you are to impose your beliefs on me?” “I am a good person. I am not bad!” Yet, who is right? Where is the truth? Truth, today, is based on people’s opinions, and their opinions are based on feelings. Feelings are influenced in today’s society by advertisements, editorials, billboards, music, friends, university professors, and a host of other material, people, and institutions “melting” out millions of variations of truth. Relative truth is truth that has to do with your circumstances, and it is your truth. It is “related” to you personally and may not be related to the lifestyle or conditions of others. People say you must be informed. Educate yourself about the issues to know how to form your opinions. So today there are many people believing differently yet believing their beliefs are right because they base them on their own “relative” truth. In today’s world there is no absolute truth, rather, many truths. Not having absolutes means having many things you can believe. In other words, “I believe this way, you believe that way.” This is what most believe in society today. People are erratic and led by their feelings. For instance, a person living an abominable life-style contrary to God’s natural law sees that he himself has values because he lives by a “code” or “standard” which he views as normal. In other words, one living in degradation might say, “I would never run a red light or commit murder – those things are wrong!” Yet, all the while practicing an abomination. One truth of one individual and another truth for the next person is what society is guided by, “thinking” everyone must live by his own truth which is based on what he feels. There is no final truth, rather a flexible truth to believe many things according to what one or others feel. This flexible truth has now become so changeable it has become fluid. “Fluid” truth or “flexible” truth is shown even by our former president, Bill Clinton. In 1986, he wrote the letter below.



Notice Clinton says many people “believe it wrong” for the state to fund abortions and indicated his position based on truths which he based on others’. (Even though they are right about abortion, this shows Clinton bases his opinions on people’s.) When he was president, his truth changed because, again, he based it on people’s opinion who based it on feelings. Today’s society has to get a Gallop Poll to know in what to believe. People have become so influenced that many form their opinions even from lies because, through time, satan has deceived a multitude into believing that these lies are right. What was clearly wrong for generations is now right because people feel it is.

You may think, “At least I know I have values. I know what is right. I am a Christian.” We, as Christians, have to accept a great deal of the guilt and cannot have the attitude that we’ve based everything we do in “absolute” truth because we haven’t. We ourselves have strayed and many devoted Christians base too much on their feelings. This is a gross error. We have to base our lives and form our opinions and our beliefs on truths, not feelings. We have Christians going to Church who believe abortion is not for them but may be okay for others. They think they have no right to impose their beliefs on others. Country singer, Garth Brooks, is a perfect example of this seriously incorrect thinking. He reports to love the Bible; News Week states that Garth takes a brave stand. Country music mega star says:

“If your parents are the same (gender), that’s still a traditional family value to me... It is tough for me because I love the Bible. Are those people who feel religiously that (illicit alternative lifestyle) is wrong not as right as people who feel (an alternative lifestyle) is right?”


What is this opinion based on? It’s not truth, it’s feelings.

Jesus stood before Pilate and said, “The reason I was born, the reason why I came into the world is to ‘testify’ to the truth. Anyone committed to the truth hears my voice.” Something incredible happened after that. Imagine Pilate standing there in front of Jesus, and he looks Jesus eye to eye and says, “Truth!! What does that mean?” This is incredible because it shows the same situation that existed 2,000 years ago exists today. Pilate, in his position, was knowledgeable and knew that there were many truths, so whose truth do you go with? Who is right? Is our situation not unlike that during Jesus’ time? Who or what is testifying to the truth? Few today know whose or what truth to believe. Another translation of Pilate’s question is, “What is truth?” This question, posed by Pilate, is exactly what this article is about. How do we know what the truth is? Not opinions and flexible truth but “the absolute truth.” Our Lady tells us:


June 16, 1983

“I have come to tell the world that God is the ‘truth’…”


So, knowing and believing this message, how will it help me to know how to form my opinions? Because if God is the truth, then His precepts are the truth. If His precepts are the truth, then so is His “Word.” His Word is the Holy Bible. It is why Our Lady has repeatedly told us to read it. It is absolute in truth. Then, too, is not the Church which is grounded in Scriptures, and the Scriptures which are a historical record of the early Church “absolute” in truth? Can truth beget a lie? No. Then why is it so many disregard the Church’s dogmas and its head yet still want to belong to it? In 1994, the reigning Miss America stated in USA Today, “I’m a Christian who is pro–choice.” On what does she base this? Nothing. It does not exist. For her and Garth Brooks, as well as many others, beliefs exist only in what they feel which is influenced by opinions – their own and others’. They stand on nothing absolute, rather they stand on flexible beliefs. We must realize many, many opinions today are wrong, even if a poll tells us 90% of the people believe such and such. If these beliefs conflict with the Scriptures, they are wrong.


To find out in what to believe and to be right about our opinions we must turn to the Bible and put our family upon it as our foundation of belief and follow it. For those who want to stand on something absolute and learn not what to feel, but on what to base their opinions, in what to believe, how to act, and what is proper behavior, the Bible is the source. It contains every answer to every problem man has. Society wastes immeasureable amounts of time on help magazines, articles, programs, “Dear Abby’s,” Ann Lander’s, Donahue’s and similar programs, etc., when the answers can be found in one small book. The beautiful thing is we do not have to worry if it’s the right advice.


There are Christian parents who feel they should tread on eggshells in teaching their children beliefs because they will have to make up their own minds anyway. It is true. They will. If you don’t ground them in the Scriptures and Church teachings when they are young, don’t wonder why they don’t choose your faith later. Children do not have the “right” to choose what truth to follow. It is ridiculous for parents to possess the thought, “I don’t want to impose too much on them. They need to make up their own mind.” Yes, it has to ultimately be their decision to continue the invitation to follow Christ, but you lay the ground work for their saying, “Yes.”


One famous movie-star admitted recently, “I made a terrible mistake not raising my children believing in God and taking them to church.” One may think, “God has converted non–believers before in miraculous ways, so why worry about people straying as non–believers?” These writings do not discount the power of God to convert heathens. History has shown over and over that this happens. Rather, it is addressed to us who are Christians already, and for Christians and their families to stray is a tragedy.


Today, “reasons” for doing something are led and completely dominated by feelings. It is supposed to be the opposite. Reason has to dominate feelings and guide them. The Bible says in Isaiah, “Come let us reason together.” Another translation says, “Come, now let us set things right.” Today is the time to set things right. Christians have to “think,” reason “through their beliefs,” compare them to Scriptures and the Church laws and see if they run parallel or conflict. Change those opinions and beliefs which contradict. Once we do, be ready to enjoy peace no matter how bad the situation is around us. People will be attracted to your way, and they will abandon their truths and Our Lady’s ranks will swell.


Finding these truths, running around pronouncing them to the whole world, even obeying them and believing that they make us right, will do us no good just because they are absolute. We gain nothing by this except the title, “Pharisee.” We must follow them out of love because we love Him from who they originate. And, if out of fear of offending Him, our love incites us to obey them, then we’ve gained everything.You might say “Garth Brooks and Miss America are way out. Why should I accept some of the guilt for not standing on truth? I stand squarely on it!” Do you? Many of you may say, “I believe the Bible and the Church. None of this applies to me.” The whole purpose of this article is to help prepare you for what you will read in the new book Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping, (Click Here), as well as the rest of the booklet Whose Opinion is Right - The Painful Truth. We believe it is time Our Lady wants truth to be spoken. Please continue to pray for the new book and for the Holy Spirit to be truly present with you while you read it. Literally get on your knees and ask God to give you the Spirit of Truth. On June 9, 1984, Our Lady said:

“…pray for the Spirit of Truth!…Pray for the Holy Spirit to inspire you with the spirit of prayer...”


The Bible tells us:

“When the Spirit of Truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth.” John 16:13.

This is just a small segment of the booklet Whose Opinion is Right? And the Painful Truth by A Friend of Medjugorje

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