Heaven, Purgatory, and hell

Introduction to Heaven, Purgatory, and hell

..Jakov and Vicka are the only two human beings in the history of the world who were physically in body, taken by the hand by the Holy Virgin Mary, to Heaven, Purgatory and hell…

Introduction to Heaven, Purgatory, and hell

Stories of Seeing Heaven, Purgatory,and hell

“…She said nothing. We were still kneeling. Our Lady took me by the right hand, and Jakov by the left hand… The house disappeared, and we were off…”

Stories of Seeing Heaven, Purgatory, and hell

Description of Heaven

“…it can’t be described. That is something beyond description. It is filled with some sort of beautiful light…people…flowers…”

Complete Description of Heaven

Description of Purgatory

“…I know some of their torment. I know how desperately they need our prayers. They are so lonely that it is almost sickening to remember those moments I was there…”

Complete Description of Purgatory

Description of hell

“…Before they go into the fire, they look like normal people. The more they are against God’s will, the deeper they enter into…”

Complete Description of hell

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