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On June 25, 1981, the second day of the apparitions, Mirjana asked Our Lady if She would give them a sign so that others would believe that they were seeing Our Lady. Mirjana believed she received a sign when Our Lady smiled. Mirjana also noticed that her watch had changed times during the apparition. The time went backwards. Most people would say that this is insignificant, not of any importance. But Our Lady has told us on November 25, 1991 to:

“…Pray that you might be able to comprehend what God desires to tell you through my presence and through the messages I am giving you…”

On the 10th anniversary, Our Lady actually said on June 25, 1991:

“…There are many people who do not desire to understand my messages and to accept with seriousness what I am saying…Therefore, little children, pray and read the Sacred Scriptures so that through my coming you discover the message in Sacred Scripture for you…”

The visionaries have stated that everything that Our Lady does is important. It is not just Her words, but Her actions, Her emotions, Her gestures, etc. So, Mirjana was given a sign, and her watch ran backwards. Not a big deal…until you pray…and you understand, and you put all the messages in context that She has said this is Her time. Ivan has said that if Our Lady had not come, then the world would have already destroyed itself.

In 1981, God’s patience with the sinful world was up, Jesus’ cup was also full. Man had gone too far and his time was up. Our Lady continued to beg on behalf of man, for God to give Her more time to bring the world to conversion. But the time was over. There was no more time. But, just as in the Wedding Feast of Cana, Jesus couldn’t deny His Mother. She went before Him and again, He told Her there was no more time, man’s cup was overrun with iniquity. She argued for sinful man. Our Lady knew there was no more time for man, so She asked that time be backed up, to reverse time, to allow Her the time to ‘mother’ us back to God. And God gave it to Her to see if She could. We are in a period of time, a time of grace, which does not exist, for it was won for us by the Holy Virgin Mary. It is She who received for us a period of time that has already played out, yet we get an opportunity to re-walk. Mirjana asked for a sign and her watch went backwards! It was a seemingly, insignificant sign, but a sign with a message, a big message. Our clock ran out. So this sign meant something, telling of the great mercy of God, of a period of conversion we do not merit or deserve, but Our Lady does. Remember, Ivan said that had Our Lady not come, the world would have destroyed itself. You and I are here because of the Woman, the Mother, the Queen, the ‘All’. We, therefore, are Hers, our life and everything we do.

Friend of Medjugojre

From a talk given in May, 2001 in
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi


The Covenant God made with His people after the Great Flood purified the earth was a rainbow. It is God’s sign. Medjugorje often has rainbows – beautiful and brilliant rainbows. For those who have seen the many frequent rainbows, it is obvious they do not occur as in other places. It is of the clearest message that God is speaking to us to remind us of His Covenant after He cleansed the earth. It is interesting to note that satan has made an attempt to highjack this sign of God. Rainbow bumper stickers appear on cars, an adopted sign by sodomites showing support for abominable life styles, a sign twisted by the devil. These sins show, just as time was out for Sodom, so too for a world who tolerates, in general society, sodomite behavior as normal. Our Lady has won for us more time, by backing time up, for us to change our lives and for us to become more pure and behave as God’s children instead of satan’s. Our Lady shows us every sin can be forgiven, but we must recognize the sin so as to be forgiven, and reject its acceptance as normal. Hate the sin, love the sinner.

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