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Supernatural signs have changed the course of history many times. Medjugorje’s magnitude is such that it has changed and is changing not only history, but the present and the future course of the world even more so. There were many signs and miracles that manifested publicly in the beginning years of the apparitions in Medjugorje. There are still many people who still witness these signs today, but to a lesser degree than in the beginning. Most often, today, these are personal or interior signs. These divine graces communicate something to the heart. A change must take place in the life of the recipient of the sign. Both those who pilgrimage to Medjugorje or simply begin a devotion to the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje experience from a simple to a profound encounter with Our Lady. The Holy Virgin Mary is desperately trying to reach Her children, calling them to conversion and on to holiness. Medjugorje is a place of the meeting of hearts. Our Lady has said so on July 25, 1999:

“…I desire for you to comprehend that I want to realize here, not only a place of prayer but also a meeting of hearts…”

confession-in medjugorje-two-priests

June 1988 – Hundreds of priests, who have traveled to Medjugorje throughout the years, have stated some of the biggest miracles they have witnessed are during Confession.

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During Jesus’ three years of public ministry, He performed a multitude of miracles and signs. This was necessary to get people to believe in Him and listen to His words. These signs brought about dramatic conversions of the heart for many, which made it possible for Christianity to be accepted and practiced – people began to believe so strongly that they were willing to die for this belief. It takes a powerful starter to crank a huge engine. The greatest surge of power exerted is initially when the starter first lugs to turn the engine over in order to crank and fire it to run. Once that happens, the machine will run smoothly.

It is the same in Medjugorje. In the beginning years of the apparitions, many signs and miracles manifested, at times, on a daily basis. These signs and miracles instilled faith and brought authenticity to the apparitions. They opened people’s hearts to God’s love and mercy, to Our Lady’s Motherly peace. Now, the physical signs are not so numerous, as the Medjugorje machine is cranked and running, and many people have come to believe, accepting and following Our Lady’s messages. Now, in the present time, there are just as many signs and miracles that are taking place, not like the physical ones in the beginning, but personal and in the heart.

In the Love of Our Lady,

Friend of Medjugojre


Cross Mountain – October 8, 2008. Those present on Cross Mountain that evening watched a beautiful sunset, while listening to evening services taking place at St. James Church down in the valley below.

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