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Two months before the apparitions began, Vicka, while getting firewood, along with her brother and sisters, found two old Rosaries in the trailer they were using to haul the wood. Vicka said they were strange, in that they were, “such that we haven’t ever seen before.” 1 To describe them she said, “A rather large cross is on one of them, and all fourteen stations of the cross are carved into the cross. And on the cross of the other Rosary a relic was built in. Or so they say.” 2 Vicka’s younger brother, not yet ten-years-old, found them. He yelled, “Here, the Virgin left Rosaries to Grandmother and Mother so that they pray to God more!” 3 Vicka and her sisters ran to him to have a look at what he had found and all sensed and felt they were there by some mystical reason or meaning. Two months before the apparitions started, they could not understand until later, when Our Lady appeared, the significance of these two Rosaries. They tried to discover from where they came. Vicka’s mother went through the whole village, showing them to everyone, and asking each one if the Rosaries belonged to them, but no one claimed them. The Rosaries continued to be a mystery, until one day, after the apparitions began, Vicka asked Our Lady where they had come from and what they should do with them. Vicka said that Our Lady told her that “They are for our good, and that they are a gift from God.” 4


Shown here is one of the two rosaries that Vicka and her brother and sisters found two months before the apparitions began. After the apparitions began, Vicka asked Our Lady about them and Our Lady told her that they were for their good and they were a gift from God.

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