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“I say to you, whoever divorces his wife, unless the marriage is unlawful, and marries another commits adultery.”

Matthew 19:9


The early church interpreted unlawful as a brother and sister who married each other. These were pagans who married in this manner who later converted to Christianity. Because they were involved in an incestuous relationship, a marital union never existed, therefore they had to end their marriage relationship. Many today interpret “unlawful” in order to divorce for the most ridiculous, absurd reasons; from “I was verbally abused” to “I don’t love my spouse anymore”. This disease that has entered the church is worse than leprosy. It is against Christ. It is unquestionable that Jesus did not in any way mean “unlawful” to legitimize the above reasons for the grounds for a divorce. And “No”, we repeat, “No”, not even adultery is grounds for divorce. Divorce is a scourge; a most deadly abnormality; the deforming of the family; the murder of hearts. Just as serious as this murder is he who encourages it or offers support of it to a couple, be it a parent, brother, sister, friend, relative, priest, pastor, bishop, judge or jury. Nay, anyone who voices or gives support of divorce to a couple will be guilty of its sin and the ensuring adultery that almost always takes place when the separated spouses date or remarry. If one can commit adultery in the heart, one most certainly commits it when one contributes to it even by their advice or encouragement, just like an accomplice to a crime, this includes judges and jurors who mandate or order it. Today many relatives, friends, priests, attorneys, judges, and jurors who know God’s law or who have been made aware of the law will be judged as such. God’s truth is God’s truth. Puny man cannot change even a part of a letter of the law. Though some may legitimately claim ignorance to this fact, the reading of this erases ignorance and even the realization of this statement now makes one accountable.


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