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Its definition would take volumes to explain.
The peace or hell experienced through it
Ranges the distance between the two.

Around it, every joy or every sorrow of life plays out.
We cannot surpass its perfection, only strive to imitate it,
For the model will never be matched.

As a single cell makes up the body,
The fabric of life is contained within it.
History has shown that this cell has risen up nations,
Or caused their downfall.

Oh, how a sea of humanity lies awake at night longing for it.
So easily obtained, yet few today never do.
For they lack the wisdom required for its purchase.

A payment of which all would willingly pay,
Yet are unwilling to work for the wages required to acquire it.

Where can I find it.
Who has its secrets.
Secrets quietly revealed long ago of those who defined it.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
“Holy Family”

The essence of life which contains the joy of Heaven when imitated
Or the horror of hell when not.

These three were its perfection,
The model... the cell... imaging it forever.
Thereby defining it in only one word...


For Our Lady of Victory School
A Friend of Medjugorje



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