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O’ Governor of Creation
 Who cannot see you is indeed a poor man
For you are visible at every glance
For your hand is seen in the formation of the mountains
To the creation of the leaf.

Who dare contemplate creation
And be left in doubt of its Governor
Who is attentive to every moment
Of its existence

For if the Creator who actively
Governs the Universe should but
For a moment take His thought away from it,
In but a moment it would cease to be,
Not even a memory left.

Man then should take heed of these thoughts
That man’s use of what man forms
With the elements of the Earth;
That he is in collaboration with
Its Governor in its administration of Creation.

Therefore, man works with God
In all His/his endeavors as one.
All his work, be it cattle,
Or growing the hay that feeds them,
 Using the wind God made that helps pump water,
And all good works of man, is God’s work.
And God’s work is always prayer for the thoughtful man
Who is hard at work for Him

Happy is the man who works for His Creator.

“If you want to be very happy, live a simple, humble life,
pray a great deal, do not delve into your problems...”

“May your work be offered as prayer...”


Friend of Medjugojre
December 25, 2002

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