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Take the universe
with all its power, its might and vastness…

Take the cell,
its preciseness, its flawless production and
its two trillion actions a second…

Take the order and harmony among all creation…

Place it as a template over man’s power, energy and might,
his precision in production, multiple actions,
his order and harmony,
speed and vastness of travel…
Place them on a graph to compare…

Man’s would not even be measured enough to see,
while Creation’s would take miles of paper to graph.
Man has grown godless while comparing himself with himself,
a false idea of development
convincing him he’s making great strides,
His ego bloated by his own forms of measurement of self.

But it is Our Lady who gives the formulation of measurement.
It is the Queen who says:
Look to the Creator. Look to Creation. Go out into nature.
Man, by doing so, will then change his corrupt scale
and its worthlessness of comparing self to self-achievement,
to the worthiness of comparing himself to Creation.

It is then when man will see his nothingness,
his achievements, his progress as insignificant,
in comparison to what the Great Creator has done.
Man, in his smallness, will then learn the secret
of what he has never attained by man to man measurement…

He will have power over all Creation because
its Author has shown it through She,
who became small and lowly
Who is at Creation’s center.

Man will peer into Her eyes, Her heart,
studying and learning Her ways
and will then know…

Man is nothing without God.
Science is nothing without God.
For God is science
and because God is the only Good,
good science can only be where God is the center of it.

In this way, man, through a close relationship with the Creator
has the ability to discover what he does not now have.

For to be a close friend of the Creator
and to learn from the Queen,
man discovers what he’s never been able to achieve;
to do what science has never and will never be able to do…
to suspend the great, powerful, laws of nature,
to alter any law naturally governing the universe.
to avert and even stop wars.

The Mathematical Equation:
Prayer + Fasting = Suspension of the Laws of Nature

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©2008, 2009 SJP Lic COB

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