Prayers and Novenas of the Community

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This Prayer was first prayed by Marija in June, 1987, in the presence of the married couples who were part of Caritas of Birmingham pilgrimage. The couples wanted to renew their wedding vows in Medjugorje and at the request of our founder, Marija interceded for them to Our Lord through this spontaneous prayer. When the young Croatian guide, who happened to be Muslim, translated the prayer into English, she was so moved by Marija’s words and her deep spirit of prayer, that she began to weep.

Marija’s words on Consecration:



I shall recommend all of you to the Blessed Virgin. I want each of you to start living a new life so that each of you will become Our Lady’s witnesses and that you will take this consecration seriously. Our Lady says that every family is like a small church. You have to grow spiritually, but it is impossible for an individual to grow spiritually. We have to grow together in our holiness and in that way we shall become united and unity is what Our Lady wants. Our Lady always says that it is very important for us to set an example by our way of living for one another and that is the way we shall show one another the way to holiness. God bless you.


My Lord, I plead You tonight for my family. I plead You to bless us, to take care of us and to show us which way leads to salvation. My God, it is Your will that every single one of us will be changed, that our lives may become Your life; and tonight, my God, I am giving my family to You and I plead You, You embrace us and lead us, because You can do everything, You are Almighty. From this night on, I am giving my family to You and I plead You, give us Your blessing tonight because we are not strong enough to carry our burden alone, and I plead You my Lord, set us free from other ways but Yours. Let us be turned only towards You, towards Your will. Let us do only what You would like us to do. Let us always search for Your will; and I plead You, my Lord Jesus, give my family Your blessing tonight. Amen.

Prayer by Marija Lunetti

Adapted for this Special Consecration

by Friend of Medjugorje


© 2008, 2009 SJP Lic. COB.
By no means are we intending to pre-empt the Church on the validity of the Apparitions. They are private revelation awaiting the Church’s judgment. Because the Queen of Peace Apparitions are ongoing and not yet over, the Church has yet to rule on their authenticity. Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas, and all associated with them, realize and accept that the final authority regarding the Queen of Peace Medjugorje Apparitions rests with the Holy See in Rome. We at Caritas willingly submit to that judgment. Caritas of Birmingham, the Community of Caritas and its mission are not connected to the Diocese of Birmingham, Alabama. The Diocese of Birmingham’s official position on Caritas is neutral and holds us as Catholics in good standing.


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