Prayers and Novenas of the Community

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This prayer was inspired by Our Lady, to Jelena, and She said it was the most beautiful prayer that could be said for a sick person:

O my God,
behold this sick person before You.
He has come to ask You
what he wishes
and what he considers as the most important thing for him. You, O my God,
make these words enter into his heart:
“What is important, is the health of his soul.”

Lord, may Your will in everything
take place in his regard, if You want Him to be cured,
let health be given to him;
but if Your will is something else,
let him continue to bear his cross.

I also pray to You for us,
who intercede for him;
purify our hearts,
to make us worthy to convey
Your holy Mercy.

Protect him and relieve his pain.
that Your holy will be done in him,
that Your holy name be revealed through him.
Help him to bear his cross with courage.

Recite the Glory Be three times before this prayer.

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